Remote Control

Akira Mokona Thursday February 7, 2019

Character: Atsuhiro Sako / Mr. Compress

Quirk: Remote Control! Pause, rewind, slo-mo! It doesn’t work on people, and you can’t move past the present!

Hero Name: N/A

An investigator for the police force. In search of a budding serial killer, she ends up following the wrong lead.

Ah, the lovely Mr. Compress. I blame Mai Blade for making me love him so. As much as I'd love to see how he looks without the balaclava, the mystery is half of the fun. Plus I adore his masks and I would hate to see them go. Somehow his three chapters ended up being a character study in how much he loves pet names and handcuffs, but I'm not complaining.

It was at this point that I was worried about oversaturating Kosei with Heroes or soon to be Heroes. In addition, I think that a Hero x Villain dynamic only works in certain situatons. I love what Mai Blade did with her pick up line series, so I also didn't want to infringe upon that. Of course, Mr. Compress needed someone enteraining to play with, so I chose to make Rea-tan a police officer (and also to make more opportunities for handcuffs to be used).

  • For the record, Rea-tan was correct in thinking that there was a serial killer staging their crimes to resemble the top 10 Heroes. In the full series for Rea-tan and Mr. Compress, the countdown will last much longer. My main limitation was that the top 10 listing at that time was incredibly limited.
  • If you think that Mr. Compress isn't pulling flowers out of his sleeve at least once, guess again.
  • He's sort of like No-Face in regards to how he acts around Rea-tan sometimes. There are moments were he won't even say anything, he'll just be leaning over her shoulder with his mask smiling at her, waiting for her to acknowledge him.
  • 100% tease. He'll lead Rea-tan on for as long as he can. The look on her face when she's interested in the information he has to offer makes it all worth it. He does have moments where he has actual information to offer. If he never did, she'd eventually just ignore him, and he can't have that.
  • He will, without a doubt, offer to give her information on the condition that it's over a fancy dinner. Reservations were made. Servers were paid off. It was a process. The whole ordeal was sparked by Mr. Compress's realization that he had never seen Rea-tan out of her business clothes, so he wanted an excuse to see her in a nice dress. Of course, when he explains this to Rea-tan, she'll reply that she's never seen him out of his Villain costume, either. This is a bad decision, because his immediate response is to loosen his tie and offer to strip.
  • Probably doesn't capture her for a long time in the full series. I'm not sure if he'd have her stay with him or keep her in a separate location just yet.
  • He refers to her as his lovely assistant, even when she protests. He'll also get beautiful clothes for her just to cement her role in his 'acts'.
  • As mentioned previously, handcuffs are such common occurence. Rea-tan will eventually learn her lesson and forego using them on him, only for him to tease her about making their sex life more vanilla.
  • His agility is a curse for her. If she's trying to catch him and he wants to tease her, it's easy for him to dodge her reach. When she gives up, he's on her like a leech right away.
  • She's very much no-nonsense, which is exactly why he enjoys playing with her. The very second she decides to try to one-up him or get revenge, he's elated. He'll always win, but now there's a new game to be played.
  • The injury he suffers later in the series is a line that Rea-tan won't cross. She will never insult him or make offhanded comments about it. If anything, she'll actually ask if he's alright. He makes sure she knows that he's quite flattered by her concern. Her sympathy evaporates when he makes a sly comment about how his new and improved self will be much better at pleasing her (I'm trying to spoil as little as possible, but he jokes about his so-called 'stroke game')
  • He doesn't bat an eye about her being around other League members. If things get too dicey, he can always shrink her into one of his orbs and then slip her into his pocket.
  • There are times where he'll take off his mask, particularly in front of the rest of the League, and use it as a shield to hide his and Rea-tan's face when he kisses her. It annoys Tomura to no end.