Akira Mokona Monday March 25, 2019

Character: Sir Nighteye

Quirk: Impersona! You can copy the voices of others that you’ve heard! It acts up when you’re nervous!

Hero Name: N/A

An office worker that never stays at the same Hero Agency long because of her Quirk.

I originally wasn't going to write for this character. Spoilers aside, there was a span of several days where I constantly debated over his place in Kosei. I have a soft spot for straight-faced flirting (see 'Signs and Symptoms'), so he naturally managed to worm way into the character list. I can tell that I'm going to have a hard time with him...

I'm a huge fan of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku, so I drew a lot of inspiration from it. After so many Rea-tans being in school, it was nice to talk about an adult with a 9-5 office job. I'm also envious because I want an office job rather than staying in retail... I think that a Sir Nighteye story will lean more towards a romantic comedy, but with a lot of angst.

  • Can we just take a second to talk about Nighteye's tickle machine? The moment I saw that thing, I immediately thought 'sex dungeon'. It's going to be a running joke in the story, 100%. Nighteye is often the one making a joke about it, though he's not being serious.
  • Nighteye very rarely takes charge of anything in their relationship unless he hits a breaking point. He spends most of his time observing and contemplating possible outcomes. Once that point has passed, he'll ask/say something outright. Because of this, Rea-tan learns to read into Nighteye's expressions and mannerisms so she knows what he's thinking.
  • Her Quirk inactivates after she laughs hard enough, but it's not the only way to short circuit it. Nervousness makes it worse, but fear cuts her Quirk completely. Emotions related to relaxation (or anything the opposite of fight/flight response) keep her Quirk from acting up. This means that she can speak normally when she's aroused or tired.
  • Since Best Jeanist (her former employer) was heavily involved in the fashion industry, Rea-tan thought that Nighteye was a lingerie designer. Although he isn't a designer, he does like the aesthetic of lingerie.
  • Rea-tan has a bit more knowledge of BDSM/experimental sex culture than the average person due to her co-worker's rumour mill (which was actually just the co-worker projecting all of her proclivities onto others). As a result, Rea-tan will never refer to Nighteye as 'Sir'. She never explains this to Nighteye, but he's aware of it. He's probably had the same sort of response from other people, so he doesn't mind her calling him Nighteye instead.
  • Of course, if she ever does call him 'Sir', he'll slam one of his stamps down so hard the table nearly breaks.
  • Nighteye is the king of deadpan flirting and no one can tell me otherwise. RIP me, Rea-tan, and any who reads the Nighteye story I'll eventually post.
  • Because Nighteye prefers to observe (as stated above), Rea-tan's going to catch him looking at her a lot. Poor Rea-tan, she thinks that he wants to strap into the tickle machine again.
  • Due to the circumstances of his Quirk, Nighteye is very hesitant about forming a relationship with Rea-tan.
  • Rea-tan probably works late hours because Nighteye does the same thing. There will be a few times where Nighteye leaves his office to find that Rea-tan is still at her desk, fast asleep. He'll always wake her up and walk her out of the office. She'll try to head to own car, but he insists on driving her home when she's tired.
  • Given the nature of Nighteye's storyline, there's a good chance that Rea-tan will lose her Quirk completely.