Akira Mokona Monday March 25, 2019

Character: Dabi

Quirk: Technopathogen! You’re a walking computer virus! You can also overload electrical systems! All it takes is a touch, but you become unresponsive when using your Quirk!

Vigilante Name: The Shrive (though she will sometimes refer to herself as Vector)

A call centre employee with a dangerous sidejob and an online following.

Ah, Dabi. I hope the theories about you are true. Although he's not my favourite Villain, he's definitely up there. There's a lot of dormant intensity behind him and I can't wait to see it in action as the series progresses.

He was one of the characters that kick-started by desire to write and post Kosei. I love reading and writing about characters that don't entirely get along with each other (though couples that are perfect for each other still make my heart melt). This Rea-tan is also one of my favourites. I love the existence of Vigilantism in the series, and how it's expanded in Illegals.

  • The relationship she has with the police, the media, and the general public is a complicated one. What makes it muddier is that she never intended to be caught in the spotlight. She holds no fondness for the people that agree with her. She knows what she has to do and she does it.
  • However, her rigidity is what will cause the most problems for her. When the League of Villains brings her into the fold, she doesn't agree with their motivations. She understands what Stain was doing when he attacked Heroes, but she never completely condones it. She's done a lot of research into popular Heroes, All Might being one of them. Rea-tan knows that All Might is one of the purest Heroes and has no dark past, so she will refuse to take any action against him (or against any person with a clean conscience, for that matter).
  • As a result, her already limited activity within the League is narrowed even further. She's useful to have around in case the League needs someone with her abilities. Outside of those times, Shigaraki considers her to be a nuisance.
  • I haven't completely decided on Rea-tan's past, but I'm leaning towards Rea-tan having a rather comfortable childhood. In fact, I think that all of the suffering that eventually turns her into a Vigilante is second-hand. One possibility I'm considering is that it was actually her childhood friend (or even multplie friends) that were abused by their relatives. She's disgusted by how easy it is for people to hide such monstrous activities and how easily they gain good standing amongst others, so she becomes determined to expose such people for their crimes.
  • If/when I put this into a longer story, Rea-tan's going to ruin careers. Once she finds something she can't stomach, she is compelled to expose it to the world. At least one Hero will have their entirely livelihood decimated.
  • To switch gears, Dabi's relaxed manner of dealing with things overall balances the relationship out nicely. They won't truly get along for a long time, though, if at all. A prime example of this is how he approaches an intimate relationship with Rea-tan. Since she lives in his apartment after being kidnapped by the League, they're around each other quite a bit. He isn't hesitant to proposition her at all.
  • The scars on his body don't bother Rea-tan. Her ideals have made her suspicious of clean cut characters, so the way his appearance reflects his past and disposition actually makes her more receptive to him. The medical staples, however, make her a bit queasy.
  • Dabi spends a lot of his downtime trying to get Rea-tan to loosen up. Now that her life as a Vigilante is basically over and she has no way to properly live or get a job, she lives a bit more freely due to her being closer to danger/death.
  • She doesn't always refer to herself as the Shrive because she knows that her actions are polarizing. There were some that supported her wholeheartedly and others that were terrified of her. As a result, her second name is Vector, an organism that inserts viruses into a host. Most of the time she'll go by V.
  • Dabi doesn't hesitate when bringing her to the League. He likes to push Shigaraki's buttons, and there's no better way to do that than to show Rea-tan off. It only increases Shigaraki's annoyance around Rea-tan.
  • If Rea-tan and Drain/Rydia ever meet (though I doubt it), I don't actually see them getting along. Rea-tan works to ruin people while Drain/Rydia, in the end, wants to help. It's to everyone's relief, since I'm sure both Shigaraki and Dabi would be annoyed if they wanted to hang out together all of the time.
  • Dabi has a habit of putting his hand down on the couch right before Rea-tan sits down so he can get in a squeeze. Rea-tan eventually develops the countermeasure of grabbing his hand before sitting down. Of course, he uses this to his advantage, either pulling her onto his lap or right next to him.