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A collection of notes/ramblings in regards to my My Hero Academia collection
  03-25-2019 13:24    
 Akira Mokona 
coffee has things to say
A place to read about my (sporadic at best) updates!
  08-06-2017 06:05    
Caraina's Trash Palace
Maybe I'll tell you guys how I'm doing with my stories. Maybe I'll even post some things eventually. It's a mystery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  08-01-2017 21:19    
∆chye like you a latte
if you want to keep up with vera's thirst train, you're in the right place.
  11-20-2017 21:38    
Penguiduck's Notepad
All of Penguiduck's stories are written in Notepad. Why not her blog?
  02-18-2018 04:11    
Shade's Musings
  11-29-2017 14:49    
Liatris' Rants, Ramblings, and E...
Sometimes, when I'm not saving the world, I write.
  08-19-2017 19:55    
Kumi Procrastinates
Will there ever be a more fitting title to something about me than this? I think not. This'll just be a little corner for me to ramble, rant, and procrastinate just about everything in my life.
  08-10-2017 21:23    
Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme
I've got 99 problems and writer's block is one of them.
  12-06-2018 08:55    
 Akira Mokona 
K. Sheehan's Nightmares and Noct...
Wherein your most boring queue mod posts things that are not stories, typically in the middle of the night.
  08-08-2019 22:54    
 Kerrigan Sheehan 
Bleu Wales's Tall Tales
yall already know what the fuck is goin on
  08-30-2017 18:01    
 Bleu Wales 
\jăz-mĭ-nûr′və\ n. : an on-off ...
Please feel free to hassle me. I need it... orz
  10-09-2017 18:00    
HatedLove6, Who Should Be Writin...
As the Mary-Sue guru, the fan fiction guru, and the teacher of squirrels, this is my blog. I guess. I'll share updates on stories and ideas, questions and answers, analyze quotes or whatever else that interests me.
  11-07-2017 13:58    
The Misadventures of DW~
Want to know the progress of some old works? Want to know what's in store to come? Or even want to just know how my life in general is going? Check here!
  06-02-2019 20:16    
Lunaescence’s DEV Blog
Keep up to date with site changes, improvements and repairs, as well as view sneak peaks of the revamp in progress. Follow @LunaescenceDEV on Twitter for further updates on Lunaescence's revamp.
  06-02-2019 02:36