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We strongly recommend Lunaescence Author Validation. If you become a validated author, you do not have to wait for your story to be validated through the queue, which can be a lengthy process.


-You must have at least five posted stories and/or chapters and a total of at least 5,000 words written.

-Author validations will be stricter than story validations – it’s the difference between a lifelong pass and a one-time thing. Therefore, a story or chapter that may have been validated may not necessarily be up to our standards for author validation. It is best to go back to over your stories and make sure there are not any remaining errors that might prevent your validation. We ask that you have a solid understanding and execution of the English written language. Please reference this guide for more details: How to Succeed in Lunaescence Validation

-Request in this thread on the forums or email us (moderatorsatlunaescencedotcom). If you prefer to email a moderator privately, a list of Moderator contact information can be found on the site About page. Make sure you include your username and a link to your profile, as well as that you check PMs (on the forums) and/or that you have a working e-mail address associated with your account so that we can get back to you.

-Two of the mods will decide whether or not you will be validated. If they are in agreement, then that decision will stand (you will be validated or your validation request will be rejected). If not, then a third mod will come in as tiebreaker.

-You will be contacted privately with the decision, including suggestions for improvement, if applicable. If you have not been contacted in more than two months, please feel free to send us an email.

-If you fail to include your username or provide us with a working e-mail address, your request with not be processed, as we will not be able to contact you. In addition, if you change your username, please let us know what it has been changed to either by email or by editing your forum post.

-New: If you have been denied for author validation or have had a story denied, then you must wait one month and post 3 submissions of at least 2,000 words collectively since the date of the denial.

If you're applying, please include the following:

Your Lunaescence username
Link to your Lunaescence profile

If you have questions, please do not clog up this thread. Either start your own or message/email a moderator.

Good luck.

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My name is Erin. I recently sent a message to the moderators email and was directed over here as well. 

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be considered for author validation. I've reviewed the 'How to Succeed in Lunaescence Validation' guide and have taken the time to review all of my works. At this time, I believe my work lives up to the expectations of a validated author. However if you feel there is still room for improvement, I will gladly accept feedback and work to improve for the future!

    • Updated:My current Luna username was just changed to/is now currently Ladybird (https://lunaescence.com/fics/viewuser.php?uid=22518)

Thank you!