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Please let us know if you encounter any glitches or technical issues, whether on the main archive or Front Desk. I'd like to keep an accurate, updated list of issues for when I occasionally do repairs.

I can't guarantee that issues will be solved quickly. I'm the sole Moderator with knowledge of PHP, and the only Moderator with the capabilities to address issues with the site's code. Its a heavy workload for one person. I do promise that all issues will be eventually addressed, even if it takes me some time to get around to them.

Your patience is both deeply valued and appreciated.

The glitch/technical issue list is divided into two sections, Old Glitches, that predate Lunaescence's return on March 15th, 2017 and New Glitches from March 15th onward. If you encounter any of the Old Glitches, please let us know. I'd like to know if they still occur so I can either fix them or remove them from this list, should they no longer be issues.

As far as New Glitches, please report any issues you have with Lunaescence that are not already listed. If you have addition screenshots or feedback of a listed/already reported issue to provide, feel free to do so.

When reporting glitches, be as specific as possible. Include links to screenshots if you have them, though they are not required.

Old Glitches
- Lack of Email Notification
- Certain stories show up blank
- Story notifications leading to other stories
- Updated/New stories not appearing on Most Recent page (Note: May be due to slow internet speeds while submitting)
- Blue Ribbons disappearing from featured stories upon edit

New Glitches

- Story hit count displaying 0
- Fatal error upon submitting beta reader profile
- Fatal error when attempting to access challenge pages
- Challenges not appearing for the Fire Emblem category
- Filtering within a category leading to blank pages
- Attempting to view full story produces fatal error
- Slashes in reviews
- Black diamonds in some areas (minor fix that's part of a previous fix)
- New reviews not appearing under "View Reviews"
- Admin-side category issue

Due to the age of Lunaescence's code, some site issues tend to be recurring in nature. Please be sure to report them when you encounter them and I'll add them to the list. Repaired issues will be noted in this thread as well.

posts: 60

Just wanted to second your experience with updating, Akira!

:'D When I update "Embracing the Seasons," new chapters can be added, but the story doesn't update under "Most Recent" or under the "Updated" section of the story summary. It's happened before in the past with other stories, but I corrected the issue by using another browser. This time, that quick fix doesn't work! lol.

DIA: No rush or anything to fix this! I just thought I'd give you another reference point, if it helps with solving the problem! Thanks for all that you do!

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