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October 2017 Featured Stories

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Any story that involves supernatural elements and themes may be nominated for October! This may include any fandom or original piece that is of the supernatural genre. Time to get our spook on!

Just a reminder of the rules:
- You cannot nominate yourself.
- If a story has been featured in the past, they cannot be featured again.
- You can only nominate one story at a time.

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What?? No nominations. I'll fix that!

Your Lunaescence Username: Straw
Nomination Title: Ocean Eyes
Nomination Link: http://lunaescence.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=14274&warning=13+
Category or Fandom: Twilight Series
Rating: 13+
Author of Nomination: rubberduck1

I'm hoping the werewolves involved count as "supernatural." I'm not really sure what draws me to this story, but I've read it like three times and even months later, there are some Owl City songs that immediately make scenes from this come to mind. Obviously, it made some sort of impact on me to accomplish that!