For the Artists

Featured Art on Instagram

Hello everyone! deltachye and Lafrenze would like to start featuring members' art on our Instagram account!

Just a few rules:
- Please do not try to get other users' art featured. Please let them know that we're looking for awesome artists, though!
- Do NOT claim something that you didn't create as your own.
- Pleas no NSFW art. Our community has members as young as 13.

If you're interested, please comment below with the following information and one of the mods will get in contact with you!

Lunaescence Username:
Fandom of Art: (This can include original stuff)
Art type: Photos? Pencils? Digital?
(Optional) Your Instagram/Tumblr/Deviantart Username:

We may pick themes in the future, so this is just a preliminary post about it! Your social media moderators will have more information and will probably edit this post as needed to accommodate that information!

Goodfellow's Image

I'm not sure if this worked but... This mess was drawn with @liatris in mind. NOTICE ME SENPAI.

Lunaescence Username: Goodfellow
Fandom of Art: Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52) Vol 1.
Art type: Pen

Hi! Thanks for your submission! Do you have an instagram account/tumblr/deviantart that you'd like to be linked, or no?
Naw, I have a tumblr, but it's not art related. It's just memes, haha.