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August 2017: Last to First (Prompts)

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This month's challenge is based on a word game! We're going to give a one word prompt. The next person will respond to our prompt AND post a word in this thread that starts with the last letter of our prompt word. The next person would respond to that prompt And post a new word that starts with the last letter of the previous word.

This can be kind of confusing so here's a little scenario to help:
original prompt: eat
P1: responds to eat and gives prompt teach
P2: Responds to teach and gives prompt help
P3: responds to help and gives prompt pink
Etc. etc

Some additional pieces of the challenge: It can be any fandom & rating, but must be 500 to 1000 words. No more and no less!

The first prompt is: signal

Please post a new prompt word below that starts with an L in order to secure your word! When your response is finished, please post to let us know in this thread!

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I'd love that prompt!

New prompt: loan!

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Ooo, this challenge sounds like so much fun!!
New prompt: number

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Hey hey hey~

New prompt: reminisce

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Oh wow, I love that one.

New prompt: ecstasy

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Oh, this seems fun!

New Prompt: yearn

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I'm excited about this challenge.

New Prompt: Night