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May 2019: Disney Songs

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This month’s challenge is “Disney Songs”.

Basically, the piece should pay homage to any song from a Disney or Pixar animated film. (Bonus! Since Disney now owns the rights to it, we'll allow songs from Anastasia as well. I know this is somewhat contentious for the purists, but I'd rather be inclusive and allow it here.) It can be a hero song, a villain song, a mood piece... Anything goes.

It doesn't have to be a Disney fandom, although it certainly can be. Any story counts as long as it was written this month and pays homage to a Disney song.

It can be a poem, oneshot, ficlet series, whatever you'd like. There is no word limit!

Just a reminder, quoting a few lines from the song is fine, but please don't just put the lyrics there in their entirety.

Please be sure to include "April 2019 Challenge: Villainous" in your summary!

Please submit your entries below using the following outline:

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