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What Are You Most Proud Of Yourself For?

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Hey guys! I was thinking the other day about the last time I felt proud of myself (not in a depressing way, just more of a reflective manner). It got me curious about what sort of things everyone has done that has resulted in you feeling proud of yourself.

What sort of things have you done or accomplished that have made you feel proud of yourself? Let's hear it!

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Well, I guess the obvious one that pertains to my life would be that I'm an Assistant Store Manager. Been with my company for ten years. Probably within the next year or so I might be a Store Manager. Still kinda up in the air about that. Although I'm definitely good at my job, it doesn't mean that I get complete fulfillment or total enjoyment from it. So, idk.

Uh...I'm a functioning adult that lives on her own. And I've gotten here on my own accord without help from others. I went from dirt poor to decent middle class, so that's a win.