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blog post in ∆chye like you a latte FAQ Update ? / Please update? / When will you update next? / Update soon? / You haven't updated in 5 months, so are you still going to update? __''please don't ask me to update.
blog post in ∆chye like you a latte i've got the power of god and anime on my side i've been very mia as a mod and that sucks on my part lmao i'd like to say i have an excuse but seasonal affective and school really just suck energy out of me. add that to my lazy character and we ha
blog post in ∆chye like you a latte update log If you ever want to just check by one place to see my progresson ongoing/recently published stories, check out the google doc I've made here:  https://goo.gl/G2R5xL   I'll log updates lik