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blog post in Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme -aggressive pterodactyl screeching- Hello! I'm Akira Mokona, aka the author that spams the Most Recent page every Wednesday. I've been writing a lot recently (finally got out of a nasty stint with writer's block), so I decided to do
blog post in Kosei! Atlas Character: Tenya Iida Quirk: Atlas! You can withstand extreme weight and pressure! However, doing so increases your density, making you unable to move! Hero Name: Four-Square A first year stu
blog post in Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme BNHA has taken my soul, but here's a Bleach story preview First, I would just like to say that All Might is an absolute cinnamon roll and I love him. Alright, now that I've gotten that off of my chest, I just finished my Kenpachi Zaraki series. Here's you
blog post in Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme Editing Extravaganza (alternate title=my personal hell) Hello! Long time no see! So, I've finally gotten around to getting all of my old files back, which means that all of my stories that are showing up blank will FINALLY be fixed! It's...going to be s
blog post in Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme FAQ What’s going on with the blank chapters? When Luna went down and updates were being done, something glitched out. The mods are aware of the issue. I’ve gone back and reposted everything tha
blog post in Kosei! Fixer Upper Character: Snipe Quirk: Fixer Upper! You can fix things with just a touch, but you have to have fixed it before! The type of malfunction/break doesn’t need to be the same! Hero Name: N/A Th
blog post in Kosei! HP/MP+ Character: Katsuki Bakugo Quirk: HP/MP+! A touch that can not only heal, but also improve Quirk output! Too bad it only works with a kiss! Hero Name: -pending- temporary name is Rosa The gran
blog post in Kosei! Impersona Character: Sir Nighteye Quirk: Impersona! You can copy the voices of others that you’ve heard! It acts up when you’re nervous! Hero Name: N/A An office worker that never stays at the same
blog post in Kosei! Main Notes Kind of weird to be making this as the second post, but ANYWAY, here we go. I've gotten a couple of reviews asking about specific things/my thought process, so I figured I'd put general stuff here. I'
blog post in Akira Mokona's Overworld Theme Previews These are all snippets of stories that I've finished writing, but I haven't posted them yet. These are in the order that they will be posted. Given that I written so far ahead in my schedule (one of t
blog post in Kosei! Remote Control Character: Atsuhiro Sako / Mr. Compress Quirk: Remote Control! Pause, rewind, slo-mo! It doesn’t work on people, and you can’t move past the present! Hero Name: N/A An investigator for t
blog post in Kosei! Springboard Character: Inasa Yoarashi Quirk: Springboard! The structure of your legs and arms allows you to jump and hit things with high force! You can also survive high falls! It won’t work in midair! H
blog post in Kosei! Technopathogen Character: Dabi Quirk: Technopathogen! You’re a walking computer virus! You can also overload electrical systems! All it takes is a touch, but you become unresponsive when using your Quirk! Vi