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forum post August 2017: Last to First (Posting) Hello! Before posting your response to the challenge, have a look at the instructions here ! All responses must have “in response t
forum post August 2017: Last to First (Prompts) This month's challenge is based on a word game! We're going to give a one word prompt. The next person will respond to our prompt AND post a word in this thread that starts with the last letter of our
forum post December 2017: New Leaf December's challenge is to write a piece of fiction that involves a main character turning over a new leaf, or making a new start of life. Your work may include any fandom, or original piece of fi
forum post June 2018: Class One There's a Rotten Egg As many of us are approaching an end to our school year (or semester), I thought this would be a great time to nominate a story that revolves around any type of school or class (be it elementary, seco
forum post June 2019: Summertime Sensations This month’s challenge is "Summertime Sensations." For this challenge, we want you to write a piece that embodies the season of Summer. This includes, but is not limited to : __Imagery_
blog post in coffee has things to say Who's into unfriendly, explosive guys? ...I am. Which explains why I've written about one Katsuki Bakugou for my response to this month's Last to First challenge.   If you, too, find you have a soft spot in your heart for my fou