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blog post in Kosei! Atlas Character: Tenya Iida Quirk: Atlas! You can withstand extreme weight and pressure! However, doing so increases your density, making you unable to move! Hero Name: Four-Square A first year stu
blog post in Kosei! Fixer Upper Character: Snipe Quirk: Fixer Upper! You can fix things with just a touch, but you have to have fixed it before! The type of malfunction/break doesn’t need to be the same! Hero Name: N/A Th
blog post in Kosei! HP/MP+ Character: Katsuki Bakugo Quirk: HP/MP+! A touch that can not only heal, but also improve Quirk output! Too bad it only works with a kiss! Hero Name: -pending- temporary name is Rosa The gran
blog post in Kosei! Impersona Character: Sir Nighteye Quirk: Impersona! You can copy the voices of others that you’ve heard! It acts up when you’re nervous! Hero Name: N/A An office worker that never stays at the same
blog post in Kosei! Remote Control Character: Atsuhiro Sako / Mr. Compress Quirk: Remote Control! Pause, rewind, slo-mo! It doesn’t work on people, and you can’t move past the present! Hero Name: N/A An investigator for t
blog post in Kosei! Springboard Character: Inasa Yoarashi Quirk: Springboard! The structure of your legs and arms allows you to jump and hit things with high force! You can also survive high falls! It won’t work in midair! H
blog post in Kosei! Technopathogen Character: Dabi Quirk: Technopathogen! You’re a walking computer virus! You can also overload electrical systems! All it takes is a touch, but you become unresponsive when using your Quirk! Vi