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forum post August 2017: Last to First (Posting) Hello! Before posting your response to the challenge, have a look at the instructions here ! All responses must have “in response t
forum post August 2017: Last to First (Prompts) This month's challenge is based on a word game! We're going to give a one word prompt. The next person will respond to our prompt AND post a word in this thread that starts with the last letter of our
forum post February 2018: Galentines For this challenge, the only love I want to see is platonic! Romantic love gets all the glory this time of year, when really, we know it's our friends that keep us going. Write a story (with a min
forum post November 2018: NO Shame NOvember As we continue to write, we alter and grow with our writing. Therefore, to celebrate this, this month I would encourage you all to meet my challenge to rewrite an old story you have shared. There are