A collection of notes/ramblings in regards to my My Hero Academia collection


Akira Mokona Monday March 25, 2019

Character: Dabi

Quirk: Technopathogen! You’re a walking computer virus! You can also overload electrical systems! All it takes is a touch, but you become unresponsive when using your Quirk!

Vigilante Name: The Shrive (though she will sometimes refer to herself as Vector)

A call centre employee with a dangerous sidejob and an online following.

Ah, Dabi. I hope the theories about you are true. Although he's not my favourite Villain, he's definitely up there. There's a lot of dormant intensity behind him and I can't wait to see it in action as the series progresses.

He was one of the characters that kick-started by desire to write and post Kosei. I love reading and writing about characters that don't entirely get along with each other (though couples that are perfect for each other still make my heart melt). This Rea-tan is also one of my favourites. I love the existence of Vigilantism in the series, and how it's expanded in Illegals.

  • The relationship she has with the police, the media, and the general public is a complicated one. What makes it muddier is that she never intended to be caught in the spotlight. She holds no fondness for the people that agree with her. She knows what she has to do and she does it.
  • However, her rigidity is what will cause the most problems for her. When the League of Villains brings her into the fold, she doesn't agree with their motivations. She understands what Stain was doing when he attacked Heroes, but she never completely condones it. She's done a lot of research into popular Heroes, All Might being one of them. Rea-tan knows that All Might is one of the purest Heroes and has no dark past, so she will refuse to take any action against him (or against any person with a clean conscience, for that matter).
  • As a result, her already limited activity within the League is narrowed even further. She's useful to have around in case the League needs someone with her abilities. Outside of those times, Shigaraki considers her to be a nuisance.
  • I haven't completely decided on Rea-tan's past, but I'm leaning towards Rea-tan having a rather comfortable childhood. In fact, I think that all of the suffering that eventually turns her into a Vigilante is second-hand. One possibility I'm considering is that it was actually her childhood friend (or even multplie friends) that were abused by their relatives. She's disgusted by how easy it is for people to hide such monstrous activities and how easily they gain good standing amongst others, so she becomes determined to expose such people for their crimes.
  • If/when I put this into a longer story, Rea-tan's going to ruin careers. Once she finds something she can't stomach, she is compelled to expose it to the world. At least one Hero will have their entirely livelihood decimated.
  • To switch gears, Dabi's relaxed manner of dealing with things overall balances the relationship out nicely. They won't truly get along for a long time, though, if at all. A prime example of this is how he approaches an intimate relationship with Rea-tan. Since she lives in his apartment after being kidnapped by the League, they're around each other quite a bit. He isn't hesitant to proposition her at all.
  • The scars on his body don't bother Rea-tan. Her ideals have made her suspicious of clean cut characters, so the way his appearance reflects his past and disposition actually makes her more receptive to him. The medical staples, however, make her a bit queasy.
  • Dabi spends a lot of his downtime trying to get Rea-tan to loosen up. Now that her life as a Vigilante is basically over and she has no way to properly live or get a job, she lives a bit more freely due to her being closer to danger/death.
  • She doesn't always refer to herself as the Shrive because she knows that her actions are polarizing. There were some that supported her wholeheartedly and others that were terrified of her. As a result, her second name is Vector, an organism that inserts viruses into a host. Most of the time she'll go by V.
  • Dabi doesn't hesitate when bringing her to the League. He likes to push Shigaraki's buttons, and there's no better way to do that than to show Rea-tan off. It only increases Shigaraki's annoyance around Rea-tan.
  • If Rea-tan and Drain/Rydia ever meet (though I doubt it), I don't actually see them getting along. Rea-tan works to ruin people while Drain/Rydia, in the end, wants to help. It's to everyone's relief, since I'm sure both Shigaraki and Dabi would be annoyed if they wanted to hang out together all of the time.
  • Dabi has a habit of putting his hand down on the couch right before Rea-tan sits down so he can get in a squeeze. Rea-tan eventually develops the countermeasure of grabbing his hand before sitting down. Of course, he uses this to his advantage, either pulling her onto his lap or right next to him.


Akira Mokona Monday March 25, 2019

Character: Sir Nighteye

Quirk: Impersona! You can copy the voices of others that you’ve heard! It acts up when you’re nervous!

Hero Name: N/A

An office worker that never stays at the same Hero Agency long because of her Quirk.

I originally wasn't going to write for this character. Spoilers aside, there was a span of several days where I constantly debated over his place in Kosei. I have a soft spot for straight-faced flirting (see 'Signs and Symptoms'), so he naturally managed to worm way into the character list. I can tell that I'm going to have a hard time with him...

I'm a huge fan of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku, so I drew a lot of inspiration from it. After so many Rea-tans being in school, it was nice to talk about an adult with a 9-5 office job. I'm also envious because I want an office job rather than staying in retail... I think that a Sir Nighteye story will lean more towards a romantic comedy, but with a lot of angst.

  • Can we just take a second to talk about Nighteye's tickle machine? The moment I saw that thing, I immediately thought 'sex dungeon'. It's going to be a running joke in the story, 100%. Nighteye is often the one making a joke about it, though he's not being serious.
  • Nighteye very rarely takes charge of anything in their relationship unless he hits a breaking point. He spends most of his time observing and contemplating possible outcomes. Once that point has passed, he'll ask/say something outright. Because of this, Rea-tan learns to read into Nighteye's expressions and mannerisms so she knows what he's thinking.
  • Her Quirk inactivates after she laughs hard enough, but it's not the only way to short circuit it. Nervousness makes it worse, but fear cuts her Quirk completely. Emotions related to relaxation (or anything the opposite of fight/flight response) keep her Quirk from acting up. This means that she can speak normally when she's aroused or tired.
  • Since Best Jeanist (her former employer) was heavily involved in the fashion industry, Rea-tan thought that Nighteye was a lingerie designer. Although he isn't a designer, he does like the aesthetic of lingerie.
  • Rea-tan has a bit more knowledge of BDSM/experimental sex culture than the average person due to her co-worker's rumour mill (which was actually just the co-worker projecting all of her proclivities onto others). As a result, Rea-tan will never refer to Nighteye as 'Sir'. She never explains this to Nighteye, but he's aware of it. He's probably had the same sort of response from other people, so he doesn't mind her calling him Nighteye instead.
  • Of course, if she ever does call him 'Sir', he'll slam one of his stamps down so hard the table nearly breaks.
  • Nighteye is the king of deadpan flirting and no one can tell me otherwise. RIP me, Rea-tan, and any who reads the Nighteye story I'll eventually post.
  • Because Nighteye prefers to observe (as stated above), Rea-tan's going to catch him looking at her a lot. Poor Rea-tan, she thinks that he wants to strap into the tickle machine again.
  • Due to the circumstances of his Quirk, Nighteye is very hesitant about forming a relationship with Rea-tan.
  • Rea-tan probably works late hours because Nighteye does the same thing. There will be a few times where Nighteye leaves his office to find that Rea-tan is still at her desk, fast asleep. He'll always wake her up and walk her out of the office. She'll try to head to own car, but he insists on driving her home when she's tired.
  • Given the nature of Nighteye's storyline, there's a good chance that Rea-tan will lose her Quirk completely.

Remote Control

Akira Mokona Thursday February 7, 2019

Character: Atsuhiro Sako / Mr. Compress

Quirk: Remote Control! Pause, rewind, slo-mo! It doesn’t work on people, and you can’t move past the present!

Hero Name: N/A

An investigator for the police force. In search of a budding serial killer, she ends up following the wrong lead.

Ah, the lovely Mr. Compress. I blame Mai Blade for making me love him so. As much as I'd love to see how he looks without the balaclava, the mystery is half of the fun. Plus I adore his masks and I would hate to see them go. Somehow his three chapters ended up being a character study in how much he loves pet names and handcuffs, but I'm not complaining.

It was at this point that I was worried about oversaturating Kosei with Heroes or soon to be Heroes. In addition, I think that a Hero x Villain dynamic only works in certain situatons. I love what Mai Blade did with her pick up line series, so I also didn't want to infringe upon that. Of course, Mr. Compress needed someone enteraining to play with, so I chose to make Rea-tan a police officer (and also to make more opportunities for handcuffs to be used).

  • For the record, Rea-tan was correct in thinking that there was a serial killer staging their crimes to resemble the top 10 Heroes. In the full series for Rea-tan and Mr. Compress, the countdown will last much longer. My main limitation was that the top 10 listing at that time was incredibly limited.
  • If you think that Mr. Compress isn't pulling flowers out of his sleeve at least once, guess again.
  • He's sort of like No-Face in regards to how he acts around Rea-tan sometimes. There are moments were he won't even say anything, he'll just be leaning over her shoulder with his mask smiling at her, waiting for her to acknowledge him.
  • 100% tease. He'll lead Rea-tan on for as long as he can. The look on her face when she's interested in the information he has to offer makes it all worth it. He does have moments where he has actual information to offer. If he never did, she'd eventually just ignore him, and he can't have that.
  • He will, without a doubt, offer to give her information on the condition that it's over a fancy dinner. Reservations were made. Servers were paid off. It was a process. The whole ordeal was sparked by Mr. Compress's realization that he had never seen Rea-tan out of her business clothes, so he wanted an excuse to see her in a nice dress. Of course, when he explains this to Rea-tan, she'll reply that she's never seen him out of his Villain costume, either. This is a bad decision, because his immediate response is to loosen his tie and offer to strip.
  • Probably doesn't capture her for a long time in the full series. I'm not sure if he'd have her stay with him or keep her in a separate location just yet.
  • He refers to her as his lovely assistant, even when she protests. He'll also get beautiful clothes for her just to cement her role in his 'acts'.
  • As mentioned previously, handcuffs are such common occurence. Rea-tan will eventually learn her lesson and forego using them on him, only for him to tease her about making their sex life more vanilla.
  • His agility is a curse for her. If she's trying to catch him and he wants to tease her, it's easy for him to dodge her reach. When she gives up, he's on her like a leech right away.
  • She's very much no-nonsense, which is exactly why he enjoys playing with her. The very second she decides to try to one-up him or get revenge, he's elated. He'll always win, but now there's a new game to be played.
  • The injury he suffers later in the series is a line that Rea-tan won't cross. She will never insult him or make offhanded comments about it. If anything, she'll actually ask if he's alright. He makes sure she knows that he's quite flattered by her concern. Her sympathy evaporates when he makes a sly comment about how his new and improved self will be much better at pleasing her (I'm trying to spoil as little as possible, but he jokes about his so-called 'stroke game')
  • He doesn't bat an eye about her being around other League members. If things get too dicey, he can always shrink her into one of his orbs and then slip her into his pocket.
  • There are times where he'll take off his mask, particularly in front of the rest of the League, and use it as a shield to hide his and Rea-tan's face when he kisses her. It annoys Tomura to no end.


Akira Mokona Friday February 1, 2019

Character: Katsuki Bakugo

Quirk: HP/MP+! A touch that can not only heal, but also improve Quirk output! Too bad it only works with a kiss!

Hero Name: -pending- temporary name is Rosa

The granddaughter of Recovery Girl. She wants to become a healer, but spends a bit too much time playing video games.

I'm going to be real for a second. Katsuki is one of my favourite characters. I sympathize a lot with what he's going through and the way he processes emotions. I hope that he finds happiness and self-acceptance. My spicy boy. It hurts me so much when he cries because then you know it's really, really hurting him.

So, little confession. I normally despise the whole 'Rea-tan is the relative of X character' sort of deal because it's often terribly done. It has to be reasonable in canon. No mystery sibling or child of a major character that's never been mentioned. And it can't just be mentioned in the beginning and never again. That canon character has to be involved in that Rea-tan's story. I swear if I see one more 'she's the daughter of Aizawa that lived in America' I'm going to explode. I'm not calling anyone out specifically and it can still be a great story, I just can't bring myself to get past a summary like that. Anyway, I wanted to show an example of how it can be done without compromising canon (and if it turns out that Recovery Girl's family is explained in the series, I'll eat my words).

  • Best Jeanist and Recovery Girl immediately know what's going on between Katsuki and Rea-tan. Recovery Girl is lowkey worried about her granddaughter. Best Jeanist plays against Katsuki's personality in an attempt to get him to understand his feelings. Katsuki doesn't acknowledge his feelings, but he begrudgingly agrees to visit the hospital under the reasoning that hospitals need protection from Heroes.
  • Recovery Girl doesn't really approve of Rea-tan's obsession with video games, but knows that she needs to have hobbies. She'll often encourage her to try other things.
  • Katsuki probably plays the occasional game, but he and Rea-tan don't share genres. He's more the competitive type while Rea-tan likes RPGs. He doesn't have the patience for how long RPG campaigns can be. I think one game they'd be able to bond over is a game like Monster Hunter, since they'd be able to create their own playstyles.
  • If he ever finds out about how Rea-tan named the warrior character after him in her most recent RPG, he's going to buy the game and play through the entire thing in secret. The other students with rooms close to him in the dorms (especially Eijiro), will occasionally hear him yelling at the game (either over a boss or a warriorxhealer moment). He'll vehemently deny ever playing it.
  • Since U.A. doesn't have a specific healer course, I figure that they have specific schools for healing Heroes. The first year is a general course. Second and third year are divided into categories like surgical, pathology/pharmacology, trauma, etc. Rea-tan would probably stay in the general healing course in year two and three.
  • Izuku is the first person to suggest that Katsuki has a crush on Rea-tan. The look Katsuki gives him in response is downright murderous. The poor guy even tries to help Katsuki by trying to show Rea-tan his more likeable qualities. Unfortunately, Katsuki's confidence is a fragile thing. As soon as he sees Izuku talking to Rea-tan, he's storming over and pushing them apart. He'll never admit that he's worried she'll be interested in someone else, but it keeps him up at night.
  • Rea-tan does manage to translate most of his anger/frustration into what he's really trying to do. For example, him complaining about her playing games too late is his attempt at getting her to adopt a proper sleep schedule. He does care about people, he's just very adverse to showing weakness.
  • Oh boy, does he like to brag though. He'll brag even if she isn't around, but it's turned up to 12 when she is (he's usually an 11 anyway). He totally thrives when he's got her attention.
  • His mom also knows what's going on. She'll never hesitate in teasing him about it. She's also the one that will shriek at him if she catches him being anywhere close to mean to Rea-tan. "Don't be rude to your girlfriend, Katsuki!" "She's not my girlfriend, you hag!" She treats Rea-tan like the daughter she's never had. She's totally the type that will tell embarrassing stories about little Kacchan, though she does offer a good tidbit from time to time (like how Katsuki likes spicy food).
  • Katsuki the kabedon king. It's a habit that will last until the end of time.
  • Rea-tan's Hero costume is based off of the White Mage costume from Final Fantasy and other RPGs.
  • She frequents conventions and often goes in some sort of costume. She actually invites Katsuki to one of them after her friend has to cancel. Katsuki doesn't have a costume and refuses to wear one (especially since Rea-tan dresses as the healer from her RPG and that would mean that Katsuki would dress as the warrior). He keeps her from spending too much money. While she's busy fawning over something at the convention, he's usually glaring daggers at anyone eying her. He's incredibly jealous whenever she fangirls over a guy in costume, especially when another convention attendee is dressed as the RPG warrior and she asks for a picture (Katsuki refuses to take the picture for them). Katsuki doesn't get her obsession as a whole, especially when everything is so expensive. Rea-tan finds some figurines of the RPG characters and laments that she doesn't have enough money to buy one. When her birthday rolls around, you can guess who gives her the healer and warrior figurines as a gift (though he insists that his mother forced him to get something for her).

Here's some extra info regarding Rea-tan and her cousin (the character from Drain, who I'll refer to as Rydia)

  • Rydia was the one who got her into RPGs in the first place. It cemented their bond with each other. A part of why Rea-tan plays games so much is because misses her cousin. It's also because of their mutual love of games that they refer to each other as Rosa and Rydia (both characters from Final Fantasy IV).
  • Rea-tan idolized Rydia in her younger days. No one really explained to her why Rydia suddenly left. The only one who has given her any sort of answer was Recovery Girl (she explained that Rydia was in a lot of pain and left because of it). Rea-tan has always wondered where Rydia went and misses her deeply.
  • The reunion between them is painful, since Rydia is discovered to be working with the League of Villains. Rea-tan insists that she's there by force and begs any Pro-Hero that will listen to save Rydia. Rydia's bitter rejection to Rea-tan asking her to come back is extremely painful, but she still believes that Rydia shouldn't suffer because of her role in the League.
  • If Rydia is ever brought into custody, Rea-tan will be heartbroken when she refuses to speak to her and asks to be freed.
  • In the end, they have different ideals. Rea-tan doesn't know of the full extent of what Rydia experienced until she finds out the true nature of Rydia's Quirk. She still hopes that Rydia can find peace with their family and her Quirk.
  • Doesn't understand Rydia's feelings for Tomura at all. It's not until she sees them reunited (or Rydia talks about it at length) that she understands. She still doesn't support it because of his Villain status, though.


Fixer Upper

Akira Mokona Friday February 1, 2019

Character: Snipe

Quirk: Fixer Upper! You can fix things with just a touch, but you have to have fixed it before! The type of malfunction/break doesn’t need to be the same!

Hero Name: N/A

The owner of an aging cinema. The noir films usually shown have drawn a rough crowd.

I wasn't even going to write for Snipe, initially. He's barely mentioned in the series and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do him justice. His match against Mezo and Toru aired shortly after I cut him out of the list, so I figured I had enough to go on.

Not much of an angle went into this one. I wanted to play off of the cowboy vs noir tropes more than anything else.

  • Kenichi, the mob boss, had a small and short-term role in the three chapters. If I write a full series for Snipe, he'll get a lot more 'screen' time. He won't be apprehended right away and will create some tension with Snipe. It'll make for more protective Snipe moments, which always please me.
  • Old movie nights are an absolute must for this couple. They either take turns with their favourite genre or they watch one western and one noir film each movie night.
  • The costumes related to both genres are their weaknesses. If Snipe ever dresses up as a slick private eye, he's getting the good stuff. Same goes for Rea-tan if she wears western themed clothes.
  • Since Snipe does Hero work and teaches at U.A., he does fall asleep during movie night sometimes. Rea-tan knows better than to take offence. He immediately apologizes when he wakes up. Sometimes it's the day after, if he doesn't have work right away. Rea-tan wants him to get as much sleep as he can.
  • If Rea-tan ever flirts with Snipe in a forward/seductive way, he's a mess. His poor cowboy heart can't take it. Snipe, on the other hand, is incredibly genuine. Acts of kindness and showing that he was thinking of her are common.
  • No matter where they are, if they meet gazes across the room, Snipe will reach up and touch the brim of his hat in a silent greeting. It's also a sign that he's looking out for her.


Akira Mokona Thursday January 31, 2019

Character: Tenya Iida

Quirk: Atlas! You can withstand extreme weight and pressure! However, doing so increases your density, making you unable to move!

Hero Name: Four-Square

A first year student at U.A. in the general course. Her father's death still weighs heavily on her and her family.

I first thought that I wasn't going to like Tenya. I was wrong. So wrong. I love him so much. I wanted to play with the 'men are strong, woman are agile' trope. Rea-tan's strength and it's 'lack of feminity' might come up at some point. It's not a 'glamorous' Quirk. I also wanted a Rea-tan that would be able to sympathize with Tenya and what he goes through with his brother, Tensei.

Hero Death is something that's mentioned a lot in the series (most related to All Might's time running out), but no major characters (that I know of) have died yet. I wanted to get into the grittiness of what happens regarding that, as well as how a family can completely implode because of it.

  • Gin and Kin are named as such because they mean silver and gold. Both metals, like how their father's Hero name was Steel Spine.
  • Rea-tan's Quirk, Atlas, is a reference to the Atlas personality. It refers to a child that takes on the brunt of the family's burden despite being a child. Because of this, she's a compulsive caregiver, even to her classmates. It's why she often refuses help; she's uncomfortable with being the one that's cared for. It's also the reason why she insists on repaying Tenya.
  • Even so, Tenya is very attentive. He checks on her as often as he can, making sure that she's eating properly and she's getting enough sleep.
  • Their relationships with their respective brothers are really important to each other. They understand the pride/anguish that comes with having such a strong sibling bond.
  • Tensei really likes Rea-tan. He can tell right away that Tenya really cares about her. He's the first person to recommend that Tenya asks her out. As much as Tenya tries to insist that he's not after her for romantic reasons, Tensei sees right through him. Tenya eventually goes to his older brother for dating advice.
  • Gin and Kin think that Tenya is the coolest. They love his Quirk. They sometimes take his glasses to try them on. Since they don't have filters, they'll definitely ask him if he and Rea-tan are dating. Both of them freeze, neither of them knowing what to say.
  • The video/photos of her tearfully looking up at him after the building collapse is a common topic at both U.A. and on Hero gossip networks. Izuku and the others try to be supportive, but Tenya squirms at the very mention of it.
  • When the mall (where the construction was taking place) opens, Rea-tan is invited to the grand opening. Her family comes with her. She also asks Tenya to come along because he had a role to play, too. It quickly backfires, because everyone sees it as confirmation that they're dating.
  • His interest in Rea-tan is so obvious that it hurts. As soon as he notices her, he's completely distracted. All of class 1A knows what's up.
  • Despite the public's encouragement and wanting her to becoming a Hero, she doesn't try to take a spot in 1A or 1B. She's happy to stay in the general course. She does get some Hero training, though.
  • When she's slated to receive a Hero costume, Tenya is initially worried. He doesn't want her to receive some sort of bodysuit because it doesn't provide a lot of protection and he doesn't want anyone to make lewd comments. Her costume ends up being more of a brawler type, similar to Katsuki or Gunhead's costume.
  • There were probably be some tension regarding Mei from the support course. He agrees to try more of her support items, which causes Rea-tan to worry that something's going on between them. However, it turns out that Mei actually wanted Rea-tan to try the items, but Tenya offered to spare her from the embarrassment.
  • They can pick each other up without much difficulty. The only exception is if Rea-tan activates her Quirk, which increases her density. Picking each other up is usually reserved for when they need to get out of a situation.

Main Notes

Akira Mokona Thursday January 31, 2019

Kind of weird to be making this as the second post, but ANYWAY, here we go. I've gotten a couple of reviews asking about specific things/my thought process, so I figured I'd put general stuff here. I'll update this as I get more questions.

To start, I never intended to post Kosei when I first started writing for it. I wanted to do something that would get me out of my writer's block. It exploded and I decided to post them. I'm happy that I did, and I'm overjoyed to see that people are enjoying this series.

The best part about this series is that it's a lot of worldbuilding. It's pretty much the easiest way for me to get invested in a story that I'm writing. I love exploring the parts of a universe that are touched on, but not fully mapped out. I try to have each Rea-tan show a different angle of the story/universe.

That being said, there are hard parts. I loathe naming the side characters. I know that I have to, so everything makes sense and so I'm not just typing 'your friend' 100 times, but it's HARD. I want fitting names, but not something that sounds similar to another character. I recently encountered this with Rikido Sato and Satolita and I'm still kicking myself over it. Making Rea-tans with different personalities is also very hard. I strive to make them easy to tell apart, but sometimes I worry that too many of them fit into a certain trope.

Creating a Quirk is actually quite easy (I'm VERY lucky), but it's the nuances that suck (not so lucky). I've spent days mulling over certain Quirks because I wanted proper drawbacks. I've also had to completely rewrite chapters because I've come up with something I like more.

The worst is continuity. U.A. instead of UA, Hero instead of hero. It drives me insane. Every time. Every single time.

Overall, I love all of my Rea-tans. Some overall plots/situations are weaker than others, but that kind of variety is important.

Please note that, while I do take requests for characters/scenarios, Rea-tan's Quirk will stay the same.


Akira Mokona Thursday January 31, 2019

Character: Inasa Yoarashi

Quirk: Springboard! The structure of your legs and arms allows you to jump and hit things with high force! You can also survive high falls! It won’t work in midair!

Hero Name: Ricochet

Formerly a student at Matsuyama High (a normal high school), a landslide resulted in her and her classmates continuing their studies at Shiketsu High.

To begin, I absolutely adore Inasa and the possibility of never seeing him again hurts my soul. I wasn't actually going to write for him at first, but rewatching the exam episodes changed my mind. The starting idea for Rea-tan was that I wanted someone that would admire the abilities his Quirk allows for. This became a desire to fly, which was then refined to Rea-tan having a Quirk that could almost let her fly, but not quite.

I also wanted to explore the downsides of a Hero society when it comes to funding. U.A. and Shiketsu undoubtedly get a lot of support. This leaves normal high schools with much less to work with. The Shiketsu vs Matsuyama tension also stems from this undying support of Hero culture. Non-Hero students have fallen to the wayside because they don't want to become Heroes, and are seen by many as inferior because of it.

Anyway, onto scenarios/extra info

  • Touma, the Quirkless boy from Matsuyama, becomes a younger brother figure to Rea-tan. After she saved him during the landslide, he's felt indebted to her. He ends up starting fights with Shiketsu students if they so much as look at her. It doesn't take long for him to zero in on Inasa.
  • Ichika, Rea-tan's friend, will probably become good friends with Camie.
  • If the wind ever blows at Rea-tan's Shiketsu uniform skirt, suspicion is immediately cast on Inasa. He had no part in it (this is a sweet boy with a heart of gold we're talking about). However, he will end up having a mini crisis over the temptation.
  • This Rea-tan is one of the most inexperienced with her Quirk compared to others in Kosei. Her mother's worry kept her from practicing.
  • To expand on Rea-tan's mother, she doesn't just worry about Rea-tan. She worries about everything. What if there's construction on the road by her work? What if her husband sprains his back at his desk job? What if Rea-tan starts hanging out with the 'wrong crowd'? Rea-tan has grown up with this, so she's used to it, but she has suffered because of it. It puts a lot of stress on Rea-tan because she's constantly putting out fires and talking her mom down. Rea-tan's father tries to support his wife, but she often sees his support as validation for her being so scared/worried. This will probably be the main point of contention for Rea-tan.
  • However, there are some lighthearted aspects. Rea-tan's mother insists on meeting a student from Shiketsu. She's heard about the tension between Matsuyama and Shiketsu, so she's worried that Rea-tan will be bullied (or she's heard about Inasa's interest in her and demands to meet him). Her mom is shocked that she brought home such a tall and strong boy, especially since he's rather intimidating. Poor Inasa, he's on his best behaviour even as he's bombarded with questions. It's not long into dinner that Inasa says that he likes Rea-tan's passion (which is instantly misinterpreted as intimacy). He's quick to explain, though, much to everyone's relief. To everyone's surprise, Rea-tan's mom takes quite a shine to him. She's still worried, but she sees it as a lesser of two evils (since Inasa is dead set on protecting Rea-tan and has the strength to back it up). She immediately thinks that they're dating, though. Win some, lose some.
  • Inasa is 100% the type of boy to ask for her parents' blessing before he asks Rea-tan out.
  • Her mother ends up fixating on the idea of Inasa and Rea-tan getting married when they're older. It actually becomes something that calms her down. She definitely hints at it way too much around Inasa. He doesn't pick up on it at first. When he does, oh boy, as if he wasn't locked in before.
  • Rea-tan is a bit envious of Inasa's Quirk because it lets him fly. She eventually asks him if he'll use his Quirk on her. He's a bit worried about it at first, but can't say no to her. When she's had enough, he uses the wind to bring her into his arms rather than just putting her down. The look on her face when she flies for the first time is forever burned into his memory. It makes him blush just thinking about it. He lives to see her happy.
  • He's like a big, happy guard dog. Always by her side, always protective, always turning to her excitedly and hoping that she'll give him some affection. Every time she does, he'll practically overheat.
  • He might not have used the wind to blow her skirt up, but Inasa will occasionally make the wind pick up so it gets a bit colder. As soon as Rea-tan shivers, he's at the ready with his uniform jacket. His clothes are very big on her, especially his Hero cloak.