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deltachye Wednesday August 2, 2017

Update ? / Please update? / When will you update next? / Update soon? / You haven't updated in 5 months, so are you still going to update?

  • please don't ask me to update.
  • it is seen as rude and demanding, from my perspective.
  • you can tell me "i look forwards to your next update" instead, but please don't ask me.
  • please don't refer to how long i haven't updated either.
  • it's my life, not yours—my story, not yours—and my right, not yours. i update when i can or want to. i have things to worry about that don't involve fanfiction. sometimes, i hit writer's block for years.
  • besides, it's free content. i don't see where you have the right to demand more of it.

Are you writing a sequel?

  • i never do sequels. i have a specific plan, and sequels aren't a part of it. 
  • i did a spin off story once. so, if i ever do a spin off of one of my fics, it'll be linked very clearly by the end of story 1.
  • if you liked my story so much that you think it deserves a sequel, thank you. but i don't do them, and i am sick of people asking me to write more.

Why did you cancel ---?

  • i didn't have any ideas.
  • i didn't want to write for it.
  • i wanted to.
  • sorry. but it's my choice concerning what to do with my stories. this means that i absolutely refuse to allow another author to continue cancelled stories. a shame, maybe, but i refuse to sacrifice my idea.


  • uh... i'm not sure why you care so much. it might have been or it might be a coincidence—does it really matter so much to you? if you suspect that something's a reference, you can just smile privately to yourself or something. i don't need you to yell "WAS THAT SHARK RIN FROM FREE??!!" or "OMG DEATH OF A BACHELOR!!!!!" in my face.
  • this has been commented so many times that i need flatly say: i won't answer you if you ask, at this point. please leave a comment pertinent to the story.

Why don't you reply to comments?

  • i do, but i'm just very bad at it. often times, i have nothing else to say except for 'thank you', so i prefer not to spam inboxes when i don't have much to say.
  • i always reply to messages or emails, if you need an answer from me.

Can you write a --- fic?

  • i might consider suggestions, but i have a problem being told what to do, lol. i will keep it in mind, but i don't do requests.

You haven't answered my question.

  • message or e-mail me!