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Akira Mokona Thursday August 3, 2017

These are all snippets of stories that I've finished writing, but I haven't posted them yet. These are in the order that they will be posted. Given that I written so far ahead in my schedule (one of the many side effects of Luna being down for a while), I might speed up my updating process.


Steady She Goes - August 2017

England x Reader (Pirate!AU)

35 chapters

After your mother died, you and your father moved to an island with a naval base. With so many dangers in the world, your father was determined to keep you safe. One night, as you sneak out to play with the island’s band, you cross paths with one of the most notorious pirates the world has ever seen.

He bowed extravagantly, “It was a pleasure, Miss _,” He lifted his head, grinning wickedly, “I hope that we can share another walk some time in th’ future.”


Your brow arched. You were beginning to think that he wasn’t a simple sailor, “Have a good night…” You hesitated, realizing that you didn’t know his name.


“Arthur Kirkland,” He turned, heading back down the street, “I should be gettin’ back t’ my crew. Good night, darlin’.”


You watched him leave, confused. He was so young in comparison to most of the other sailors, you weren’t sure whether to believe him. Rising through the ranks took ages. Even the most experienced remained in a lower rank for several years. You noticed the sky changing, becoming lighter. It was almost dawn. You hurried back into the base, hugging the fiddle case to your chest.


You passed several parchments fastened to walls of houses leading up the stone staircase. Upon seeing one, you slowed and looked it over. Usually you didn’t care about the posters. You would never see any of the people mentioned. A pirate docking at an island filled with naval officers would be suicide. Still, you couldn’t help but check, something drawing you to it.


Your eyes widened, recognizing the name of the pirate mentioned.


Captain Arthur Kirkland.

Queen of Cups, King of Swords - August 2017

Sosuke Aizen x Reader (AU)

32 chapters

The long-awaited sequel to Queen of Hearts, King of Spades. As a prisoner of the man you used to love, you’re given a choice; rebel and save the realm, or comply and save yourself? Unfortunately, your captor is determined to keep you by his side until you love him again.

His hands tangled in your hair. He tugged your head into a different angle, giving him better access to your mouth. He was forceful, but never as harsh as he could have been. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to shy away from taking it. You tried to pull away, to turn your head and separate yourself from him. But his grip tightened, continuing to ensnare you.


He finally withdrew, giving you the chance to breathe. You coughed slightly, wiping your mouth with your sleeve. You kept your gaze locked on him, glaring. You refused to let him get the upper hand by doing something when you weren’t looking. His attention dropped to your mouth. His lips, slightly stained from your lipstick, pulled upwards into a smirk. You glanced down, an automatic reaction, to see that you had rubbed the lipstick off onto your sleeve.


Your jaw tightened. You probably looked like a mess. Hair mussed, cheeks wet with your tears, mouth smudged, and clothes in complete disarray. A step back gave you the space you desperately wanted. You tried to look defiant, shoulders back and head held high. But he saw right through you. All it took was a small tilt of his head and you glanced away, posture wilting.


“There will be guards stationed outside your door at all times. I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you a tour just yet. I have other matters to attend to first. Until I return, you will stay here.”


You didn’t say anything. It wasn’t like you had a choice. The temptation to curse at him and try to hit him bubbled up in your chest, but you swallowed it. It wouldn’t solve anything. It would only give him reason to do things far worse than his previous actions.


“Do you understand?”


You nodded, but he didn’t move. You almost rolled your eyes, but stopped yourself. He wanted you to say it. It didn’t mean anything if there were no words, “I understand.”


“Good,” He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, getting the lipstick off of his mouth, “You should sleep. It’s been a long day for you. I’ll have someone bring you a new set of clothes,” With that, he left.

Watercolours - February 2018

Takeshi Yamamoto x Reader

64 chapters

He was the pride of the school. Star player on the baseball team, handsome, and with a heart of gold. Half of the school was in love with him. You were in the other half, too focused on your studies to worry about boys. Well, it started out that way.

“You’re still here?”


You turned to the door, immediately stiffening when you saw who it was. Takeshi Yamamoto. Not again. At least Kasuga and Emiko had run off. No one would know that he had stopped by.


You set down the cloth you were using to clean the desks, “Yeah, everyone else bailed, so I’m cleaning by myself,” It was fine. Everything was fine. He was going to reply with an ‘oh’ and bid you farewell.


But instead, he stepped inside the classroom, “I’ll help.”


Oh no. No. This wasn’t happening. You weren’t going to spend time alone with him. It couldn’t happen. Someone could walk by after their club meeting and stumble upon you. Takeshi was from a different class, after all. The rumours would start immediately. Everyone would know before you got home.


You waved him off, “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m almost done.”


“Well, if I’m here, you’ll be done even faster,” He grinned, “What’s the saying? Many hands make light work?”


“Don’t you have baseball practice?” You inwardly cursed as soon as you said it. You didn’t know him. You shouldn’t have asked.


“No, not today. Don’t worry, I’m not missing anything important.”

Princess and Paladin - April 2018

Arthur Auguste Angel x Reader

32 chapters

As a Tamer from the Upper Class, you were more than happy to investigate demonic activity on your own. The Grigori decide that replacements for the Arc Knights need to be waiting in the wings, so a list is put together of the best candidates with the Paladin himself evaluating every Exorcist. Unbeknownst to you, your name is on that list.

“So, I’m being considered for Arc Knight, if one of them dies?”


“There were several names on the list that the Grigori gave me, but I decided to look into each candidate before choosing which ones I would evaluate,” He explained, “Though, when I saw your picture, I was surprised. I didn’t expect a princess to be hidden amongst the Upper First Class.”


Your brow twitched. You couldn’t get a read on him. The words themselves sounded like a joke, but the way he said it made you wonder if he was serious. You certainly weren’t a princess in the literal sense. Was this some sort of attempt at flirting with you, or was he using the wrong analogy?


“Right…” You walked past him. Your mission was finished, anyway. You hadn’t found any evidence that suggested the fire was due to demonic activity, so you were free to head off towards the next location, “So, how is this going to work? Are you just going to follow me around and see how I handle my missions?”


“Of course not,” He fell into step beside you, “We’ll be working together. Any missions requested will be responded to by the both of us.”

Frigidity - April 2018

Yukio Okumura x Reader

24 chapters

As a new student, you were tasked with learning as much as you could. As an older sister, you had to look after your sibling. As someone training to be an Exorcist, you needed to become stronger. Balancing so many things in your life was difficult. Having a crush on your teacher/classmate made things even worse.

He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, “Uh, well, you see…”


You almost snickered. Out of all of the things you thought Yukio Okumura could be, you didn’t think he would be unable to say no to girls. It was a bit fun to watch your classmate and teacher squirm.


Your expression faltered when he found you in the crowd. You glanced down to your textbook, pretending you hadn’t been watching or listening.


“We don’t want you to eat lunch alone, Yukio. I’ll keep you company.”


“That’s quite alright,” Yukio insisted, “Actually, I’ve already promised to eat lunch with someone.”


You turned the page of your textbook. So, he ended up being able to escape. He still hadn’t rejected them outright. You knew it wasn’t wise in the long run. The longer he waited to tell them no, the more the girls would get attached to him.


A tray was placed on the table. You looked up to see Yukio sitting across from you. You tensed. Had he seriously just used you as an excuse to get away from those girls? Sure, they only knew you to be classmates, but he was your teacher for cram school! If anyone from your Exorcist class saw the two of you, they would begin to suspect something.


The three girls were still standing with their trays, exchanging harsh whispers.


“Are they from the same class?”




“So she gets to spend a lot of time with him.”


“Ugh, can’t she share?”


You tuned the rest out, looking to Yukio. He was acting like nothing had happened. Your brow rose. Did he really think that pretending like you weren’t there was going to keep you from saying anything?


You kept your voice quiet so the girls wouldn’t hear, “So, I was your way out from eating lunch with those girls?”


He adjusted his glasses. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought it was a sign of nervousness.

Neurotransmission - October 2018

Mayuri Kurotsuchi x Reader

40 chapters

As one of the best surgeons in the Soul Society, you’re a rare breed. You’re also a force to be reckoned with, given your insane work ethic and how many surgeries you steal from the surgical students. A transfer to a squad that needs your expertise sounds lovely. Unfortunately, your captain is a tyrant and a mad scientist all in one.

You wanted to ignore him, but the weight of his gaze was heavy. You turned to him, “Was there something else you needed?”


“I want to be clear. This isn’t Squad Four. You’re not working to save lives, you’re working for the sake of science. If you’re bound by petty morals, I can find someone to replace you.”


This was your chance. If he wasn’t happy with your methods, the transfer could be reversed, “And if I don’t fulfill your expectations?”


“You’ll become a permanent test subject,” He replied as if it was obvious, “Of course, by joining Squad Twelve, you’ve joined the list of subjects already.”


“You can’t be serious,” You shook your head, “Absolutely not. I wasn’t the one that asked for the transfer. You were the one that arranged for me to come here. You can’t just-“


He stepped toward you. You tried to step back, but you were quickly trapped between your desk and his form. He was so close that the handle of his sword pressed into your stomach. He loomed over you, his golden eyes unwavering, “It seems you’re not aware of your place here. You might have had free range as a surgeon before, but that stops now. I am your superior. I am your master. If you disobey me, I won’t hesitate to tie you down, find what drives your insubordination, and exterminate it. Do I make myself clear?”