The Misadventures of DW~

PSA: Please Don't Eat the Tide Pods...

dark_wing19 Thursday January 18, 2018

As the title says, please don't eat the Tide Pods...it's unbecoming and has me concerned about the future. If you must do a challenge, just do the Ice Bucket Challenge. At least that's for a good cause. (Though I will admit that all the memes about this Tide Pod thing are hilarious) /end of PSA

In other news, I'm not dead, so that's a thing. Though my absence here may make it seem like it. I'm struggling to finish my review for work. So here's the thing with my work review--as managers, we do "self reviews," which I think is absolutely stupid, but whatever. Anyway, we have to do these reviews based on the store stats over the year. And we have to make it sound good on paper of how we achieved those stats. Now, had the year been successful, then it'd be an easy feat. However, sales have been declining due to a number of things at my store. So I have to try and make crap sound decent. 

All in all, I have no desire to write my review. I mean, I have three of the modules done with only one left, but ugh. I can't even force myself to make crap up. And it's due tomorrow. Well Saturday. But still. 

Now. Other reason for my lack of writing and posting--I've been playing Final Fantasy 14, which is a MMO. I'm captivated, unfortunately. But it's fun! 

Then there's the issue of not seeming to find a quiet place to write. Well that's a lie. I do have quiet places, but it's more than likely I'll get bothered while there. And the noise from the other room with distract me. And a certain person seems to be fond of talking to me and distracting me from anything that needs my focus, but I digress. 

I still have plans to write my Xanxas sequel--that much is for sure. After that I'll be working on my Gundam Wing story. (I have to keep reminding myself of what I have planned, sadly.)

Welp, I guess that'll end this blog post for now. Hopefully I'll get stuff written and start posting again soon.