Lunaescence’s DEV Blog

Week 6: Fifth Edition

DIA Saturday May 19, 2018

Happy Friday Lunatics,

I hope everyone's had an excellent week! Unfortunately, I don't have an incredibly long update this week as with GDPR on the horizion, I've decided to put some focus on reviewing the site's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, a task of which is long overdue. Lunaescence's Privacy Policy hasn't been updated in over a decade.  

Both could use a nice rewrite, which is exactly what I've been working on. The updated version of the Terms of Service will also include better DMCA Takedown information. If you were expecting an update on glitch repairs this week -- I offer you my sincerest apologies. But don't worry; I'll be back to normal glitch repair for next week's update, so between now and next week, expect some glitch-related improvements to the site. 

Besides working on the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and DMCA information, I've been working on incoporating more users (those who have opted in, of course) into the site Newsletter. Here's to hoping I'll have them all added in for June's Newsletter.


See you all next week!