K. Sheehan's Nightmares and Nocturnes

I Haven't Been Idle, I Promise

Kerrigan Sheehan Sunday September 2, 2018

I AM working on something. I promise. It WILL be posted on Luna. I promise.


The thing is, even though I'm going to be posting it on a schedule (more about that later), I want to have it completely done and edited before I start posting. For the maybe two people who might actually read it... I have been working on this for almost five years now, and, even though it's not finished yet, its current size would put it in the Top 10 Longest Stories list if I just put it all in now.


This is the thing I mentioned back in January when I said "more on that to come." As for that schedule, I'm planning on one chapter weekly, but I'm not sure on day of the week and time yet. Once the behemoth is complete and edited, I'll start looking into that. It's still a while off, but if anyone has a particular opinion, feel free to let me know.