Akira Mokona Thursday January 31, 2019

Character: Tenya Iida

Quirk: Atlas! You can withstand extreme weight and pressure! However, doing so increases your density, making you unable to move!

Hero Name: Four-Square

A first year student at U.A. in the general course. Her father's death still weighs heavily on her and her family.

I first thought that I wasn't going to like Tenya. I was wrong. So wrong. I love him so much. I wanted to play with the 'men are strong, woman are agile' trope. Rea-tan's strength and it's 'lack of feminity' might come up at some point. It's not a 'glamorous' Quirk. I also wanted a Rea-tan that would be able to sympathize with Tenya and what he goes through with his brother, Tensei.

Hero Death is something that's mentioned a lot in the series (most related to All Might's time running out), but no major characters (that I know of) have died yet. I wanted to get into the grittiness of what happens regarding that, as well as how a family can completely implode because of it.

  • Gin and Kin are named as such because they mean silver and gold. Both metals, like how their father's Hero name was Steel Spine.
  • Rea-tan's Quirk, Atlas, is a reference to the Atlas personality. It refers to a child that takes on the brunt of the family's burden despite being a child. Because of this, she's a compulsive caregiver, even to her classmates. It's why she often refuses help; she's uncomfortable with being the one that's cared for. It's also the reason why she insists on repaying Tenya.
  • Even so, Tenya is very attentive. He checks on her as often as he can, making sure that she's eating properly and she's getting enough sleep.
  • Their relationships with their respective brothers are really important to each other. They understand the pride/anguish that comes with having such a strong sibling bond.
  • Tensei really likes Rea-tan. He can tell right away that Tenya really cares about her. He's the first person to recommend that Tenya asks her out. As much as Tenya tries to insist that he's not after her for romantic reasons, Tensei sees right through him. Tenya eventually goes to his older brother for dating advice.
  • Gin and Kin think that Tenya is the coolest. They love his Quirk. They sometimes take his glasses to try them on. Since they don't have filters, they'll definitely ask him if he and Rea-tan are dating. Both of them freeze, neither of them knowing what to say.
  • The video/photos of her tearfully looking up at him after the building collapse is a common topic at both U.A. and on Hero gossip networks. Izuku and the others try to be supportive, but Tenya squirms at the very mention of it.
  • When the mall (where the construction was taking place) opens, Rea-tan is invited to the grand opening. Her family comes with her. She also asks Tenya to come along because he had a role to play, too. It quickly backfires, because everyone sees it as confirmation that they're dating.
  • His interest in Rea-tan is so obvious that it hurts. As soon as he notices her, he's completely distracted. All of class 1A knows what's up.
  • Despite the public's encouragement and wanting her to becoming a Hero, she doesn't try to take a spot in 1A or 1B. She's happy to stay in the general course. She does get some Hero training, though.
  • When she's slated to receive a Hero costume, Tenya is initially worried. He doesn't want her to receive some sort of bodysuit because it doesn't provide a lot of protection and he doesn't want anyone to make lewd comments. Her costume ends up being more of a brawler type, similar to Katsuki or Gunhead's costume.
  • There were probably be some tension regarding Mei from the support course. He agrees to try more of her support items, which causes Rea-tan to worry that something's going on between them. However, it turns out that Mei actually wanted Rea-tan to try the items, but Tenya offered to spare her from the embarrassment.
  • They can pick each other up without much difficulty. The only exception is if Rea-tan activates her Quirk, which increases her density. Picking each other up is usually reserved for when they need to get out of a situation.