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Time to jump on the bandwagon with a late hello!

I write under the penname ∆chye (read: deltachai), but I prefer people to call me Vera :-) I've been with Lunaescence since I was 13, and was on-and-off until around 2016 when I really fell in love with the community. I found Lunaescence through my search for places to upload fanfiction. I'm a social media mod as of now and take care of the Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I write reader insert romances, but I think of them as OC/Characters since I craft each "Reader" differently. My speciality is angst, I think, lol. I'm not great with fluff or humour, but I love going nitty gritty with deep dark emotions. I also like to draw a viscerally emotional response out of readers by being pretty intense with themes. But that said, I also write whatever I feel like. I bounce around from so many fandoms and ideas that I've covered a very wide variety in my 6 years of writing!

Out of Luna, I'm a highschool senior, prepping to get out of this heck-hole. I'm pretty sedentary, but I rock climb (indoors). I spend most of my days playing on my DS when I'm not writing or watching Netflix/Youtube. Right now, I'm really into Fire Emblem: Awakening! @Row, I also played Ace Attorney pretty intensely up until Dual Destinies, where my interest kind of declined. I still have to catch up, haha... I want to start playing Professor Layton, too. As soon as I get the money.

I'm gunning to get my license. I'm a competent driver, but my parking... needs work. Lol