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September 2017: Round Robin

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Hello, hello! September's event is a Round Robin! A Round Robin is a type of collaboration between multiple authors wherein each individual writes one chapter of a story. In this case, the theme is trick-or-treating. The chapter you write may involve any fandom, but it must be centred around trick-or-treating/ers.

Each chapter does not have to directly follow the previous one, nor do the characters in each chapter have to directly interact with one another. The idea here is that each fandom that is written about is a different group or house in the same neighbourhood.

You have until September 8th to register! If you are interested, please say so below! Those of you who register will hear from a community moderator regarding the order in which your chapter will take place (placement requests are welcome, but there are no guarantees).

Please include the following if you are interested in registering:

- the fandom you would like to write for
- your preferred order, if you have one (EX: first, middle, last, no preference)
- are you a validated author?

Minimum word length: 200 words
Maximum word length: 1500 words

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post them below!