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Aug 2017 Rules and Registration

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What is a fic trade?
Close your eyes. Picture a magical place where you could put out an idea for a fic, and a wonderful stranger over the internet would write it for you. Okay, now open your eyes. You are at that place right now! Please celebrate as you see fit.

This is basically a gift exchange but with fics. Remember, to get one, you must write one.

Who can participate?
Everyone can participate in the Fic Trade, regardless of whether or not they have already posted stories on Lunaescence. The only exception applies to those who signed up in the last fic trade and failed to fulfill their assignments; these individuals are not allowed to participate in the current round. Should you fail to fulfill your assignment in this round, you will be barred from the next round. WE DO KEEP TRACK.

Can unvalidated authors participate?
Absolutely! Unvalidated authors are more than welcome.
However, if you have recently had stories denied from the queue for mechanical issues, we highly recommend that you use a beta reader for the trade.

Registration and Posting Thread?
Posting doesn't start until a few days after registration ends, so the posting thread will be unlocked at that time.

Max Rating? Length?
Max Rating: Choose from All, Youth, 13+, 17+, Adult, Adult+.

Length: This is a range. Choose from Any, 100-500, 500-1000, 1000-5000, 5000-10 000, 10 000+ words. (Please don't pick all 10 000+. It's not very considerate, especially for newer writers who may not have written something that long before.)

Fandom? Pairing? What if I want to make that the writer's choice?

• If you want to leave the fandom up to the writer, that's perfectly alright. Just write "Any" under fandom.
• If you want to provide a fandom list for the author to choose from, put "See List" under fandom and put a list somewhere in your application.
• If you want an original fiction story, state "Original Fiction" under fandom.

Since you can't specify a pairing without specifying a fandom, you have the following options if you choose to leave the fandom open:
• "Canon/Canon," "Canon/OC," "Canon/Reader," "Any," or "None."
• If you want to leave the pairing up to the writer but are uncomfortable with OOC pairings or homosexual pairings, please make a note of that, as in "no shonen-ai" or "no OOC" or something like that.
• Even if you do specify a fandom, you can always choose not to specify a pairing or to request a story with no specific pairing.
• You can also, of course, request a story about one specific character with no specified pairing. For example, you could put "just write about John" under "Pairing" or you could switch it to "Character: John."

Basically...just customize the application as needed.

Please note: All authors must have one prompt (the fourth one) that is not specific to fandom. This is to accommodate original fiction writers and people who write for obscure fandoms who would otherwise be impossible to pair.

What is this round's over-arching theme?
Our Last Hurrah for Summer! Try and make the prompts summer themed.

What is a prompt?
Prompts are meant to inspire stories rather than define them. They are not summaries, just ideas. They can be a quotation, a single word, a brief phrase, or even a song, video, or image. In this trade, they're given for you.

What is a Spare?
A spare is someone who is willing to take a second prompt, if necessary. This only happens if someone drops out of the trade or doesn't turn in their fic on time. Spares are free to ignore the requested length, but not the maximum rating.

Who is organizing it?
The moderators in charge of this current round are Shade and Goodfellow. They will be the ones responsible for distributing the request assignments after registration finishes on August 8th. Lunaescence's posting policy still applies.

Please don't hesitate from asking us questions or noting concerns! If you want to talk to us privately, however, it is highly recommended that you either PM via these forums or use the email listed below.

Goodfellow: huney_bee92(at)hotmail.com
Shade: shade(at)lunaescence.com

August 2017 Fic Trade Timeline:

August 8th - Registration closes.
August 9th - By this date, you should have received your recipient.
August 22nd - All fics under 5k due.
August 23rd - IF NEEDED, Spares will be given their prompts
August 31st - All fics over 5k due.

Should you need an extension, please email either Goodfellow or Shade to let us know!

Registration Template:

Luna username:
Contact e-mail: (please use (at) and (dot) in order to avoid spambots; e.g. pockyxbandit19 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you feel uncomfortable with posting your email publicly, just PM it to Goodfellow or Shade via the forum.)

Prompts (Include idea, max rating, and length for each; at least one prompt must have a length of 100-500 or 500-1000 words. Indicate fandom and pairing for first three prompts and indicate whether the fourth prompt be a reader-insert or an OC story.)

Prompt #1:
Max rating:

Prompt #2:
Max rating:

Prompt #3:
Max rating:

Prompt #4:
Type: (reader insert or OC only)
Max rating:

Personal Profile
Fandoms: (list a minimum of 5 fandoms you will write for)
Max rating: (list max rating you will write)
Max length: (list max length you will write)
What I will not write:
Validated or unvalidated? (choose your status)

Spare: (Yes/No)
Beta: (Yes/No) (If not, omit Beta section.)

Public e-mail:
Max rating you will read:
Max length you will read: