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@coffee ; A little late, but I'll once again recommend Samurai Love Ballad: Party. It's got fairly long routes (about 12 days/2 weeks worth per route) with 5 passes per day, and two endings for 12 guys. So you can get a lot of gameplay out of it. There's also story events where you can read stories alongside the main route, and they can get... steamy. Lol. Worth the time, imo.

It's based off of Sengoku war lords like Date, Takeda, Oda, etc etc. They're all kind of archetypal (kuudere, tsundere, dork, sexy mysterious ninja guy, etc etc) but I found that the characters are diverse and have a bit of depth/dimension after you start getting deeper into the storylines. If you ever play and go through Ieyasu's route, you'll see that the writers managed to develop him quite a bit. Speaking of: writing is top notch for a F2P, in my opinion. The MC ranges from being a dumb idiot who like trips on herself to being a girl who is always *blush blush* to one who'll slap the heck out of rude douchebags. Stereotypical MC job of being good at one thing (cooking) and somehow making everybody fall for her because of that. But she's likeable enough. Also, Yahiko (MC's little brother) as her motivation is so sweet. Side characters are also personable. I fell for a lot of side characters that'll never get routes :,)

The art is quite nice. The sprites are delicious lol and the backgrounds actually have some work put into them instead of like... a square box as a 'bed'. If you pay pearls (which is like the luxury form of currency that you can get as free gifts or buy with real $) you can score CGs, but it's still visually appealing if you do the bare minimum.

The decoration aspect is also kind of cool. The outfits are kind of cute, and I have a lot of fun dressing up my avatar and arranging my castle. But there's the issue of microtransacs because of limited closet/castle space/love passes—you might be tempted into buying. Still, you can get by okay if you don't. There's ways to get pearls without money, and although it's slower, it's workable.

All in all, worth a shot, imo! It's for iOS and android alike, so do let me know if you check it out. Add me, too! (You can have allies)

Once I get the hourglasses and time, I'll hop on the V bus! If only it were summer again, and I could just lie in bed and wait around for chatrooms :-(