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Got some random thoughts? Want to share something with the rest? Or maybe you just want to tell about this hideous spider that just crawled into your bed sheets? Go wild!

I'll start, because that spider thing really happened. The biggest, nastiest spider I have ever seen just crawled in my bed sheets.

I feel like setting my bed on fire. I'm SO terrified of spiders ;_;

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One thing I do have on my mind: Why do cicadas exist? They are scary! Or creepy! I just this memory of a cicada falling into my hair when I was little.
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I have one: how DO some fanfic writers write so fast and with such good quality. Did they find a genie lamp? Do they write in their sleep? DO they sleep? Do I need to sacrifice a goat to Satan to achieve the same results?

Also, Rowiehz, I once found a spider lurking under my bed. I sprayed my entire room with insecticide and then slept on the couch. ;_;

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Cicadas are so weird! My dog got ahold of one and I had no idea what it was. It was big and creepy and not happy that Mr. Bear was chasing it. Mr. Bear also eats spiders. He's my protector from bugs haha.

And Liatris, I know!! I'm over here spending months on a single 5k chapter while other writers have a 5k chapter a week! I want their magical genie lamps, and I'm not above a satanic ritual to gain writing speed if necessary. When you figure out how they do it, let me know! :-)

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Shade - My cat once sat on one as a means of catching it. The legs got stuck in his fur, and then he ate it. That was gross enough...he then licked me and left twitchy legs all over my arm.
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I once had to babysit my two year old niece, and I was preparing lunch when I saw her roll (she rolls instead of crawling) towards the wall with lightning speed. Glancing over, I saw her grabbing a spider and before I could even say "NO DON'T" she put it in her mouth and it was gone.

Ever since, I never said yes to babysitting her again. That spider-eating incident still gives me chills.

Also I'm super excited for tomorrow. I'm going to travel to a city where my favorite book store is and where I in general spent a great time in the past. So I'm kinda going on a nostalgia trip and most likely spend hours looking at books.

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