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December 2018: 12 Days of Winter Writing

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This challenge is for you! Give the writer in yourself the present on 12 days of writing. Or... however many you can spare... but do them in order!

Take one hour each day and write. Follow the prompts if you want, or go with whatever comes to you. I've found that sometimes the simplest things provide the best inspiration.

Day 1: Stretch
Day 2: Smile
Day 3: Home
Day 4: Chills
Day 5:
Day 6: Time
Day 7: Sleep
Day 8:
Day 9: Write
Day 10:Longing
Day 11:
Day 12: Accomplishment

(Some of my best pieces came from blank prompts ;])

posts: 79

If you do respond, I would love to read it!

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