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June 2019: Summertime Sensations

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This month’s challenge is "Summertime Sensations." For this challenge, we want you to write a piece that embodies the season of Summer. This includes, but is not limited to:

Whether its the relentless heat of the desert sun, watermelon slices on picnic cloth, or nights spent lying strewn beneath the stars: give us a piece that conveys the beauty of Summer through imaginative imagery or symbolism.

Give us a sultry Summer romance hotter than the sun or a blossoming friendship between two unlikely people stuck with each other. The possibilities for Summer relationships are endless.

Roadtrip gone awry? Wacky family traditions in which everyone must take part? A never-ending Summertime loop? Characters begrudgingly prepping for the time when Summer ends and school starts? Give us a tale that’s unforgettable, based around Summer.

We wholeheartedly welcome creative interpretations to the prompt. There are no limits on length or story type. Your submission can be a oneshot, series, poem, etc. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious… even an editorial! As long as it relates to the motif of Summer in some form, you’re good to go.

Please be sure to include "June 2019 Challenge: Summertime Sensations" in your summary.

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