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Hey folks! I'm Rowiehz, but most just call me Row. Rowiehz is the username I use just about everywhere (except for a few cases where I use Rowiehzz because some THIEF took my name)

How long have you been with Lunaescence?

I think I've been lurking since 2008, or even earlier? I know that I was introduced to this site because someone continued their Leon S Kennedy fic on here instead. Naturally I followed and kinda never left. I never saw the end of the fic though.

Around 2010 I registered an account, and only posted a story back in 2011. Which is silly, because I posted quite some stories the following years elsewhere, yet I only read stories on Luna. I do write a lot, but my work just never sees the light of day.

What's your favorite type of fiction or nonfiction to write?

I like to mess around with (Dark) Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction and Horror. Most of my work contains romance, but I just cannot write a story focused on romance alone. So if I can throw them into life threatening danger and on a breath-taking journey with many mysteries along the way, I'm happy.

What do you like to do outside of writing or reading Lunaescence fics?

I like to explore! You know that type that goes outside with a bag, notebook and pencil? That's me. Next to writing I also love to draw. Most of the time I like to draw creatures and characters from my own stories, but every once in a while I draw fanart. I also finished an education in animation, so since a while I'm trying to progress in that too.

Gaming is also a big love of mine: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter and Shin Megami Tensei are all top favorites of mine. And I like reading stories, but I really need to grant myself some time to sit down and actually read fics and books :3c