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Hello everybody!

I am so happy Luna is back, I only just caught up with the whole being-online thing again so I feel so disappointed in myself for having missed out the past few months.

I was already registered before the archive went down but me and my bottomless hole of a brain forgot my login info (being honest I already had rarely logged in prior to Luna vanishing, that was after my favourite story had stopped updating). If I would take a guess than it would have been approximately between 2012 and 2013 I first set foot in here. Most of my time I spent in the Free section because I was (am) totally obsessed with it and it's still my favourite anime to date - new season next summer whoop-whoop!

Personally I would love to pick up writing again. In the past I used to write a lot, first still in my native language, then I stumbled upon ff.net and later moved over to Luna. I do admit that I love romance and I love (and hate) to write it. I think of it more as a way to relax rather than trying to stick to canon and have any and every character be a hundred % true to themselves. That doesn't mean I prefer AU stories, that just means I'm a shitty writer lol

I am a terribly boring person and a weirdo (even though people seem to call that nerd nowadays but, no, I'm definitely rather the weirdo). I have this unsatisfiable urge of wanting to know and be able to do anything, so more than often I end up at some type of Wikipedia-page at 3 o'clock in the morning. I also try to teach myself a lot of things here and there, there is really no end to this portrait of a perfect person I have in my head and have set myself as my ultimate goal. Know all, be able to do everything, that's my motto, I guess. Anyways - I also love to play games. I have yet to invest into a new TV so there's still the whole PS4 world for me to explore but maybe it's better I haven't started on any console games yet because then I really only would sit in my room and be 24/7 "only 5 more minutes".
First - probably - games were Harvest Moon and Pokemon, by the way, though I don't play games in either series anymore and only look back with a lot of love and nostalgia. Nowadays I mostly play VN.

Other then that I'm currently job hunting *insert sad violin here*. I'm also in my pre-midlife crisis considering people around me and in my family are all getting married, having kids and splendid carriers. Sending SOS to any kind of Gods, please also give me some luck.