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What are you watching?

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Not gonna lie, I'm not a big movie/tv show person. Literally, my tv doesn't budge from the Travel channel lololololol. Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth, A Haunting, Mysteries at the Museum (and literally anything else that's paranormal for that matter) are generally what I love to watch. Otherwise, I just open Netflix and watch a standup comedy special. Wanda Sykes just released a new one and it's good! I also watched Elen DeGeneres's new special too. Super good. I recommend!!

As for video games, I just finished a new game called A Plague Tale: Innocence. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. My only gripe would be the weapon usage and the last "chapter" of the game. (Not the "technical" last chapter. The Epilogue was fine, but the chapter with the resolution.) I had the Demyx battle from Kingdom Hearts 2 vibes all over again because of how many times I died. It was the only mildly annoying thing. Otherwise, it's pretty decent. enjoy being sneaky in games.

The only books I've been reading recently are tarot books. That and work material. But I know no one wants to hear about development plans and leadership competencies lololol.