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November 2017 Prompt Off!

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A "Prompt Off" pits authors against each other to write responses for different prompts. There will be 1 round this month since we were kind of MIA at the beginning of the month...

- Because there is only one round this month, responses must have a word count of 1000-5000 words.
- All entries must be stand alone stories WITHOUT chapters (but if you want to add more to it after the event is over, go for it).
- After the cut off point for a round, there will be no more entries allowed for that round.
- If you sign up for a round, you must write at least one story.
- If you are not signed up for a round, you may write a story based on the prompt, but it will not be considered a part of the "Prompt Off" event.
- Validated and Unvalidated authors are welcome!
- Fandom and original fiction welcome!

Each round will also have an additional optional challenge, should you wish to take things up a notch. (Ex: As many responses as possible, no second person, limited fandoms, etc.)

Participants and their stories will be features in the December monthly announcements!

Let’s fire up those creative juices and dust off those keyboards!!

The timeline for this event is as follows:

November 1st - 16th: Registration
November 16th: Registration closes, and the first prompt is revealed
November 16th - 30th: Entries are accepted
November 30th: All rounds are closed.

If you have any questions, email Shade at shade(at)lunaescence(dot)com

Here is the template for entry:

Author Name:
Validated or Unvalidated?