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February 2018 Mad Libs!

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Mad Libs!

For this event, you will lock in your choice of words, without knowing what the sentence is, for three separate prompts. After registrations closes, I will reveal what the full prompts are, and also who will be responding to them! Everyone will receive one of their own prompts, but you will also receive the other two from sentences that other authors have created! Once registration is closed, I will go through and assign prompts to everyone within 24 hours.

- You will have the rest of the month to submit your stories.
- You may use whatever fandom you like (original fiction is welcome too!)
- All responses must be at least 500 words long.

Registration will close at 11:59 PM (EST) on February 9th, so register soon!

Please use this template when signing up:

Author Name:
Validated? Yes/No

Prompt 1

Prompt 2

Prompt 3
Superlative Adjective (i.e. something ending in -est):
I statement (i.e. 'I am .'):