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March 2018 LEVEL UP!! Writer's Forum

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This month, let's jump start our writing! There’s no need to sign up. We only ask that you chime in when you can, because this month is all about becoming better writers as a community!

Here is the outline for this month. I will link all other related posts here, so you can find everything from this one master post!

Week one: Inspiration

Let’s come up with prompts!

Anything that inspires you to write, comment with it! A song, a phrase, a movie scene, anything! I will compile a list and post it for everyone to see and use at the end of the week.

Week one will remain open! Please leave your prompt ideas and comments here!

Week two: Transformation

Let’s transform your writing!

You’ve got the prompts, but how do you use them? Everyone comment with a tip or trick that they use (or aspire to use) to really level up their writing. Let’s help each other become the best we can be! I will compile a list and post it for everyone to see at use at the end of the week.

Week two will remain open! Please leave your technique tips and comments here!

Week three: (Grammar and) Punctuation

Let's work on those fundamentals!

For this week, I will be posting guides on common mistakes and errors that people make while writing. Affect or Effect? Punctuating dialogue? What is this thing???-> ;
You are also more than welcome to post links to guides that have saved you a lot of pain and effort, or ask questions about things that you don’t understand. Let’s all take a moment to really cement those rules that we ‘kind of’ remember!

Week three is open! Please read and comment here!

I can't wait to see what we all come up with! Work hard, everyone!