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3/2018 Week 1: Prompts!

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Anything that inspires you to write, comment with it! A song, a phrase, a movie scene, anything! At the end of the week, I’ll compile a list and post it for everyone to see and use. Comment as many times as you like!

(Please mark any adult content as NSFW)

This week will conclude on March 10th.

posts: 29

lol okay, well here's a list of the things that have been spurring me on:

Here are the songs that have inspired me to write stories recently

- Heathens (Twenty one pilots)
- End Game (Taylor Swift) (Literally I just listen to the first part with the 'Big Reputation' bit and I imagine myself with a baseball bat and my crew behind me and HAHAH a story is happening)
- So It Goes (Taylor Swift) (specificly the 'honestly baby who's counting?' bit)
(I got the new TS album and it's been in my car for a while so here I am)
- Feel It Still (Portugal, The Man) 

- Humble (Kendrick Lamar) 

- Clarity (Zedd, featuring The Foxes)

Here are some phrases/ parts of phrases that have spurred on scenes:

- "The truth of the matter is..."
- "Kill it if you have to" (Starwars Episode 8)

- "Not. Good. Enough."

- "{He} would start wars and burn cities for that true smile..." (Book: The Raven King)
- "Yours? It was never yours to begin with!"

- "I wouldn't if I were you..."

- "Don't tell me what to do." 

- "You can try~"