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3/2018 Week 1: Prompts!

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lol okay, well here's a list of the things that have been spurring me on:

Here are the songs that have inspired me to write stories recently

- Heathens (Twenty one pilots)
- End Game (Taylor Swift) (Literally I just listen to the first part with the 'Big Reputation' bit and I imagine myself with a baseball bat and my crew behind me and HAHAH a story is happening)
- So It Goes (Taylor Swift) (specificly the 'honestly baby who's counting?' bit)
(I got the new TS album and it's been in my car for a while so here I am)
- Feel It Still (Portugal, The Man) 

- Humble (Kendrick Lamar) 

- Clarity (Zedd, featuring The Foxes)

Here are some phrases/ parts of phrases that have spurred on scenes:

- "The truth of the matter is..."
- "Kill it if you have to" (Starwars Episode 8)

- "Not. Good. Enough."

- "{He} would start wars and burn cities for that true smile..." (Book: The Raven King)
- "Yours? It was never yours to begin with!"

- "I wouldn't if I were you..."

- "Don't tell me what to do." 

- "You can try~"