Official: Glitches and Technical Issues

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Please let us know if you encounter any glitches or technical issues, whether on the main archive or Front Desk. I'd like to keep an accurate, updated list of issues for when I occasionally do repairs.

I can't guarantee that issues will be solved quickly. I'm the sole Moderator with knowledge of PHP, and the only Moderator with the capabilities to address issues with the site's code. Its a heavy workload for one person. I do promise that all issues will be eventually addressed, even if it takes me some time to get around to them.

Your patience is both deeply valued and appreciated.

The glitch/technical issue list is divided into two sections, Old Glitches, that predate Lunaescence's return on March 15th, 2017 and New Glitches from March 15th onward. If you encounter any of the Old Glitches, please let us know. I'd like to know if they still occur so I can either fix them or remove them from this list, should they no longer be issues.

As far as New Glitches, please report any issues you have with Lunaescence that are not already listed. If you have addition screenshots or feedback of a listed/already reported issue to provide, feel free to do so.

When reporting glitches, be as specific as possible. Include links to screenshots if you have them, though they are not required.

Old Glitches
- Lack of Email Notification
- Certain stories show up blank
- Story notifications leading to other stories
- Updated/New stories not appearing on Most Recent page (Note: May be due to slow internet speeds while submitting)
- Blue Ribbons disappearing from featured stories upon edit

New Glitches

- Story hit count displaying 0
- Fatal error upon submitting beta reader profile
- Fatal error when attempting to access challenge pages
- Challenges not appearing for the Fire Emblem category
- Filtering within a category leading to blank pages
- Attempting to view full story produces fatal error
- Slashes in reviews
- Black diamonds in some areas (minor fix that's part of a previous fix)
- New reviews not appearing under "View Reviews"
- Admin-side category issue

Due to the age of Lunaescence's code, some site issues tend to be recurring in nature. Please be sure to report them when you encounter them and I'll add them to the list. Repaired issues will be noted in this thread as well.

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Is there any possible temporary fix to the "filtering within a category" glitch? I understand if there isn't, running maintenance on a large site like this takes time and there is only one girl with the ability to do so. I'm not trying to be rude in any way!
I only ask because every time I use the site now, and everytime I try to use any filter on any category, the page is just blank.
I apologize if my question is annoying, or wasting your time in any way. It's just so hard to find stories now without the filters!
Thank you for your time!

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Hi @BlueTears!

No worries. You aren't bothering me at all, and I appreciate you leaving a message with your concerns. I apologize for this issue you're experiencing, and thank you for being so patient and understanding thus far.

As far as a temporary fix, I suggest using the default skin if you aren't already. To help you further, I have a couple of questions:

In particular, which categories are you searching/filtering in? And what skin (default, Pink, Shuriken, etc.) are you using? I believe the glitch is theme and category related as some users don't seem to encounter it at all, while others do in certain categories or while using certain skins. If I know exactly which categories or what skin you're using, I might better be able to temporarily point you to a solution.

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Hi there!
Just a bug for whenever you get around to it, but when I try to check for reviews from my author page, it shows that I have no new/unanswered reviews but I just found one when I clicked on a story itself.

So I guess the problem is that it isn't showing up in the review counter on the author page but it is if I were looking at the story box on my profile? If that makes sense?

Thank you for your time!

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I keep trying to edit my post: I just noticed that this has already been reported. Sorry about that!
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It's not a lack of email notification... I got the email. It was just completely empty.
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I sent a request for a password reset for my writing account — and haven't received one. I've checked the spam folder as well on my email — is this a glitch with the return of the site? I understand that the wonderful Mods are busy — so I'll happily wait for a response until then! Thank-you for all that you guys do for us!
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Moriarty - Well...that's a new one. I know it hasn't affected everyone, at least not all the way since the reboot, because I've had to use that feature myself.

Were you able to get back into your account? (I ask because the site account with the same name shows activity more recent than your post.)

If you'd like, a moderator can try to force-change your password. (We can't see your old one, but we might be able to force a new one, which we'd then email to you.)

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I was trying to read some of the fanfiction and I searched Anime and Manga and the specific anime but when I tried to select reader insert, it gave me an error message. I thought I read somewhere that that was a skin specific user problem so I tried all the different skins but nothing changed.

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Hey. Can you fix the "printing mode" error where you usually would be able to wiew the whole story. Its the only way of reading the stories via mobile because it grows the front to a size being able to read and would love if it was fixed to work again.
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Massive apologies everyone for the delay in glitch repair. Life's been incredibly hectic on my end. I'm now actively repairing site glitches again.

@Ananas - The story-print feature has now been repaired. Again, a personal apology to you and everyone else for the amount of time it's taken me to get around to these glitches.

To the rest of the commenters mentioning issues, please know I'm now actively working on repairs once again, so all issues that have been brought up will be addressed.


On another note, I've started up a Development Blog for Lunaescence here on Front Desk. Since I plan on doing regular repairing once again, I felt it was a good place to address repairs, changes and keep everyone in the loop regarding some of the less-than-visible changes that have happened to the site. And best of all: updates are every Friday.

So I hope you guys will check in every Friday to see what's been repaired, changed or yet to come... though I will continue to keep this thread updated as well.

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I'm trying to register for an account on the main website but no matter how many times I try it keeps telling me that I, "need to fill out a penname and an email and to try again". I was able to make an account for Lunaescence Front Desk easily, but unable to do so on the main site. Please help. Thank you.

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Hi @Primrose_Ink1!

The "You must fill out the penname and email fields. Please try again" error typically gets triggered if you included a underscore or space in your username (as an example, if I were to sign up with 'Diamond April' instead of 'DiamondApril.')

You can actually change your username to include a space/underscore once the account is already registered, so if you're including a space/underscore at signup, I recommend signing up without it, then adding it later on by changing your username in the Account area. Using this method should work, at least until a more extensive site overhaul can be done.

Of course, this error might be more specific to you... but in order to idenity that, I would need further information regarding what exactly you're entering upon sign up. What email host (gmail, outlook, etc.) are you using? What username exactly are you attempting to register for? Does it include a space?

Regardless, if you're still encountering this issue, feel free to send me an email at diamondapril at lunaescence.com. You could send me the username or email you're attempting to use, and I can possibly set the account up for you.

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I noticed this yesterday when I went to the categories to search for fics.
The side panel shows the number of stories written for that category. However, when you click on it to break it down into the subcategories, all those are listed with 0 stories even if they have some..

Is this something that can be fixed?

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Hi @ChibiChi,

I mentioned this in the site's DEV Blog (that I'm... sure no one reads xD). It isn't so much a glitch, as it is a fix to one. To explain in layman's terms, there's a particularly bad patch of code that's causing a lot of issues on the site. It's an in progress fix (that I work on whenever I have the time), but as a side effect of me making changes to it, it's making sub-category counts read zero.

But once it's fixed, category counts will return to normal and a few other problem parts on the site (like the challenges) will also be fixed.

In the future, I plan on just making a mirror of Lunaescence for me to do repairs on, so users of the actual Lunaescence don't have to see in progress fixes as they happen. For now at least, I can assure you that I'm aware, and that it's a necessary step in fixing a lot of the site's problems.